Universal Media Disc. Sony's new type of CD that is the medium for it's new handheld, the PSP. It is about half the size of a DVD. Since it is the medium for a portable console, it has a plastic case covering it with a small opening for the laser to read it. Sony will also release movies on it. At this current time it is unknown of it will be regionally encoded like DVDs or if any other device besides the PSP will be able to play them.
PSP games will be released on UMDs.
by Shadow_Outlaw July 21, 2004
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1. See UMCP.
2. A name used by students of other Maryland public universities in order to falsify their worth by using the reputation of UMCP.
Guy1: "So, where do you go?"
Guy2: "I go to UMD."
Guy1: "Really? College Park? That's become a very selective and prestigious school in the past few years--"
Guy2: "Actually... I meant University of Maryland, Eastern Shore."
Guy1: "Oh... where's that?"
by UMCP Student November 20, 2003
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-> Universal Media Disc
-> Ultimate Mini Disc
Roger: Hey, I've heard you've got a new PSP
Dirk: Yeah, it comes with a UMD game.
by Thomas March 29, 2005
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Unburnable Media Disc. The read-only disc used in a Sony Playstation Portable. Made to be unburnable because people would make UMD Mix-discs which hold loads of songs or even more using a GBA emulator and a GSM player. Not to mention burning copies of commercial games. Destined for failure.
Ever since I got homebrew on my PSP, I haven't used the UMD.
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Ugly Maggot Disease
A terrible disease you get when you hook up with or date someone who is dirty or of a disgusting ratchet friend group. Usually the person who has caught UMD is looking for attention and isn't feeling satisfied with their sex life. Symptoms include having dark under-eye bags(from snapchatting or texting this person all night long. The spreaders of UMD are like vampires and are only active from approximately 11:00pm-4:30am), an unusually high snapchat score, a decline in their physical attractiveness, emotional being, and grades, smelling like weed, and an iPhone camera roll full of nudes. If you catch any of your friends with these symptoms we urge you to murder the spreader of UMD as soon as possible as things can only get worse from here.
Example One~
Ella: "Hey Meghan you gotta stop talking to that kid he's such a stoner!"
Meghan: "Dont worry I will! I don't want to get UMD!!!!"

Example Two~
Ella: "You should think twice before communicating with him. There's a rumor that he spreads UMD."
Kelsey: "Don't worry, once you actually get to know him he's a very nice guy. But I will keep an open eye, thanks for the notice!"
by Annick Carrot Swag Ninja Lord January 29, 2016
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Stands for Useless Media Disc
Guy 1: Hey dude, did you see that Target pulled all the Sony UMDs off their shelves?
Guy 2: Yeah, I guess they finally realized UMD stood for Useless Media Disc
Guy 1: Hey, on an unrelated note, did you buy the new album from your favorite band released on a Sony label?
Guy 2: Nah, after that whole rootkit debacle I decided to pirate all music released under Sony. It is what they deserve
by thewebguy July 14, 2006
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Abbreviation for University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Not to be confused with Dartmouth College. It's kinda similar, only UMD doesn't have enough parking, classrooms, or housing, and it looks like a fallout shelter. A spaceship fallout shelter.
A: Where you you go to college?
B: Um... Dartmouth.
A: Wow, you go to Dartmouth College?
B: Um, no, UMD.
A: Oh, sucks for you.
by Archibald Baxter-Williams December 13, 2007
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