Cecil is the kindest, sweetest, and most amazimg guy you will ever meet. Cecil is hot, attractive and really sexy! He is such a gentleman and will treat any girl like a princess. Every girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him. Don't get on Cecil bad side though, you will surely regret it. He can flip on you faster than you can say pancake.

Cecil will care and love anyone hes with so if you get to be with a man named Cecil you better treasure him.
Girl 1: omg have you seen Cecil

Girl 2: who hasn't hes so perfect!

Girl 1: i wonder if he would ever date me?

Cecil: hey ladies

Girl1&2: omg!!!
by Sheesol-sunshine March 21, 2017
He's a Cecil !!!
by Blake312 February 19, 2016
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Girl 1: Ohhh, wouldyalookatthat! It's cecil.
Girl 2: Do you think we would date me? He's so amazing, sexy, etc.

Cecil: Hey ladies.

Girls 1&2: hoohohohoo!
by Boomboompowbitch July 27, 2009
A homeless man regarded by most as the unofficial 'mayor' of Dapto, on the south coast of Australia. Credited with the invention of the Dapto Briefcase, Cecil spends his days sitting in Dapto Square asking passers by for spare change.
Noone can drink goon like Cecil can.
by Optimus-Prime-Ribs March 12, 2010
The Main character of FFIV. He was a dark knight that later turned into a Paladin
Cecil just fought his brother Golbez...
by Paulo Henrique July 29, 2006
You to your buddy: Do you want to call Cecil before the Warrant concert...Annoying fucking wife: Who is Cecil?
by NYT12 November 25, 2013