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A terribly underated game that derserves more credit than it will ever get. Usually put down by FFVII fanboys who are generally too stupid to play any other game, mainly because Sephiroth was in FFVII
FF7 fanboy: OMG like ff7>>>>>all other FF
Person with IQ above 10: Why
Person with IQ above 10: You're a fucking retard.
by Ridge November 12, 2004
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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A great game. Mainly about the story.

My reviews are Graphics 8/10, Cinematic 10/10, Game Play 7/10, Music 10/10, Story 10/10. I will never forget about this game because of the story. I would rate this game 100/10 for the story; it's absolutely touching. I'm not a gay type but this game really made my cry a couple of times. This game is more like a movie than a game but if this game was a movie, this game would be like 150% better than Titanic.
This is your chance to change the spiral of death; this is the time where you control your destiny.-Auron.

Yuna, let's go to Zanarkand together; not the one if spira, the one where I'm from. I can show you what blitzball is like over there!-Tidus

I must defeat Sin.-Yuna

Kimahri must protect Yuna.-Kimahri

Don't do it Yuna, don't sacrifice yourself to do the final summonning!-Rikku

I am the captain of the blitzaball team. Do you wanna join our team, bro?-Wakka

It's ok, Yuna. I'll be at your side as always.-Lulu
by Anonymous January 14, 2005
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This is possibly the greatest game ever created for a bunch of worthless kids who cant never understand the underlying symbolism of the story....

ex 1
Little Kid 1: that was a stupid game
Little Kid 2: Yea it was WAY to confusing....i mean, why is the blitzball stadium all watery?
Little Kid 1: Yeah, like totally weird!

ex 2
Another Kid 1: Man, that game was hard!!!!
Another Kid 2: Yea, like i can never use Tidus' overdrive corretly! I mean you have to like, press X when the thingy's in the middle!
Another Kid 1: Yeah, thats way too hard!

But then again, teenagers cant really understand the game either:

ex 1
Teenager 1: Wow. the music of this game SUCKS like HELL!
Teenager 2: Yeah, and it was like rated T for blood? there was like no blood at all, unlike DEVIL MAY CRY 3.
Teenager 1: Like totally weird! They should have put Rage Against the Machines' music in the Background.
Teenager 2: Yeah, that soooo would have been good for the story.

Then again, adults cant understand the game either:

ex 1
Mom: Are you doing your homework?
Kid: No, Im only playing the "greatest game evah"
Mom: You mean the game thats called "Final" Fantasy but their still coming out with new ones?
Kid: yeah, mom
Mom: WOW, thats so weird.

So basically this could also be known as the most misunderstood game in the world also.
by Haotian XU August 01, 2006
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The absolute best movie in the world. This beats any other movie you've ever seen in your life. If you liked Ninja Scroll, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, or any sort of anime, you'll love Final Fantasy 10. mean it was a game?
Laz: Have you guys seen that great movie Final Fantasy X?
George: Huh?
by InfiniteSeraph January 08, 2004
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Quite possibly the most polarizing Final Fantasy game in the series, this is a game absolutely loved by some and absolutely detested by others. X introduced some interesting gameplay elements such as the sphere grid. Spira itself was a fascinating world to explore, the storyline was generally decent and X probably had the best soundtrack of the entire series.

On the other hand, X also suffered from some nauseating voice acting and dialogue, a generally easy main quest and some unbalanced battle mechanics. The linearity also killed all sense of exploration.

Overall, X was a game with its pros and cons. It wasn't the best in the series, but it sure as hell wasn't the worst.
Final Fantasy X Lover: OMFG X had the best story ever, the ending and storyline generally was so emotionally charged and unforgettable... And the gameplay was so much fun, and the sphere grid was so unique for its time! Easily the best game in the series.

Final Fantasy X Hater: OMFG X's story was plagued by cliched characters, a stupid love story and it got rid of the active time battle system! And sorry but I don't like going in a straight line from A to B. Easily the worst game in the series.
by Ivalice-Alliance November 08, 2009
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the best FF game in the whole series, kicks FF7's ass, better battle system and better everything else.
whoever thinks ff7 is better than they are a complete retard, ff7 sucks
by friend of bob is a faggot September 01, 2004
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