Final Fantasy VII, THE best of the Latter Final Fantasies. (The ones on PS)
It has one of the best Battle and Magic Systems of ANY Final Fantasy, and also, it ranks in the Top 3 for Story, And the Animation was extraordinary for its time. and lets not forget that its chock full of Sidequests (the whole Third Disk)
FFVII owns, Mario Rogic does not.
by Mario Rogicsux74 April 11, 2004
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People who only played one RPG, FFVII' then claiming it's the best. These people are so close-minded that they always say that X-RPG sucks, FFVII PWNS all.
Random p. : Golden su is much better

FFVII Fanboy: Fuk u! FFVII will owns all!
by Sabin Figaro March 11, 2007
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The Final Fantasy VII Citadel.

The most comprehensive Final Fantasy VII site on the web
I just submitted an article to the FFVII Citadel
by ChibiTaryn August 1, 2003
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I would rather nail my scrotum to the face of an angry lion than visit the FFVII Citadel.
by Drifty McDrift February 3, 2007
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