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There are two types of feminists.

Type #1) The kind who just wants true equality. Unfortunately, their conception of "equality" usually include something along the lines of "women should get health benefits" instead of, oh say, something like "women AND men should get health benefits". While they do try to include men sometimes, it's usually in an afterthought.

The best example of this can be observed in politically moderate areas. They may be difficult to find and you can find some of their books on Amazon or eBay. Do not try to buy their books in stores as they have been pushed into obscurity by the more radical feminists.

Type #2) The kind that seems to be everywhere and has so much political power that it could make anyone with half a brain sick. Their demand for equality does not ever include men unless it's along the lines of "ALL female workers should be paid as much as men (especially the CEOs...)". These kind of feminists are the ones that conservatives target and they're usually the ones called "man-hating lesbians". Of course, I'm not saying it's not true because it is (please refer to Eve Ensler).

While it is often argued that these feminists are only a small fraction of feminism, it does often seem like they're the only kind. They're the kind to which one would refer to as feminazi and they're the same kind who use their gender to get impunity against the law while hollering that they're empowered. These are the same kind that has Hollywood, television, and politics in some kind of an iron grip. They're also the kind to be hypocritical most of the time (such as complaining that they get death threats for their work while sending death threats to the Type #1 feminists for their work).

The best example of this kind of feminist can pretty much be observed everwhere, but they're most prevalent in states such as California or Massachusetts. However, it doesn't matter really. You can pretty find them anywhere on TV or anywhere in Austrailia, Sweden, or pretty much any college in a western country.

While I have stated two types of feminists, there are really no good feminists. Hopefully, they will disappear someday and the divorce rate will go down to something respectable.
Gloria Steinem: Hello, my loyal vaginas! We have taken over all sorts of sports already and we must now head for men's only golf clubs while at the same time making sure that women's exclusive clubs do not have to admit men!

Feminists working at NOW: Yes, our Fueher!
by BusinessMan April 24, 2005
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Basically, a person who likes being alone. Unlike the social attitude that says people who are alone are really unhappy inside, many loners are actually the happiest when they're alone. Rather than finding solace in friends and family, they find solace in things such as video games, Internet, books, etc.

But the main way political beliefs are inputted into people is through being social and associating one's self with others. So unfortunately, many loners tend to have radical beliefs and hold morals that greatly differ from their peers and even their own family. To put it simply, you can find a communist in a family of patriotic Americans or a conservative in a family of liberals.
Grandfather: Women's rights should be the main concern!

Father: Gay marriage should be allowed!

Son: Welfare should be abolished!
by BusinessMan May 01, 2005
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A famous video game RPG series created by Squaresoft (also formerly known as Square EA, but is now known as Square Enix). Ironically, the series was originally Square's last game, hence the title "Final" Fantasy, but due to the success of it, Square went on to create others.

Final Fantasy - The first title that appeared as Square was ready to shut down. Strangely enough, it became a hit and gave Square the capital it needed to keep afloat.

Final Fantasy II - Improved over the first and is generally better overall. However, much like the tradition of many other companies at the time of the NES, Square followed with an "experimental" concept of gameplay which made the game unpopular with fans. This concept differ from the traditional JRPG (Japanese RPG) and seem to followed a more CRPG (Computer RPG) system. Perhaps Square was trying to capture more Americans' attention? Either way, many fans dislike this installment.

Final Fantasy III - The third and last NES Final Fantasy title. Also eerily similar to tradition at the time in that it was vastly superior to the last two installments (Super Mario 3 compared to Super Mario 2 and 1, anyone?), it introduced a system which Square will utilized in future titles to immense success. This system is called the "Job System", in which you get to decide the kind of person you and your teammates will be.

Final Fantasy IV - Though Square strangely changed the numbers for the American releases, the fourth installment broke ground for Square and represented the era to which they were at their finest. This game contained a spectacular story, which will be a defining point in all of their games for the SNES.

Final Fantasy V - Though it was overshadowed by IV and VI, FFV was notable in that it upgraded the Job System. It added the ability to use your learned attacks and magics, which you attained from other classes. This innovative technique made the smaller V a favorite in a small community hiding among legions of IV and VI fans.

Final Fantasy VI - What is considered to be the pinnacle of the Final Fantasy series. Similar to the type of story shown in IV and expanded in V, it was however further expanded in VI. The music, atmosphere, and unique presentation came together to give fans an incredible experience. Cited by many fans is that the game contained excellent music, great interactive scenes (such as the Opera scene), and great characters. Also notable is that VI introduced what is better known as "summons" (but called Espers in VI) and a villain that is considered to be one of the best, if not the best in the series.

Final Fantasy VII - The first Final Fantasy to start using FMVs and also the first Square made on a non-Nintendo system. While hailed as excellent by many, long-time fans have noted that FFVII is also Square's first successful attempt in luring casual gamers. The fact that FFVII sold over 7 million copies seem to confirm that. Notable about gameplay is that Square introduced the "Limit Break" system and upgraded the "Esper System".

Final Fantasy VIII - Though not as well liked as FFVII, many do agree that the story is better. However, the same would agree that Square sacrifice gameplay for that story. Ironically, FFVIII echoed FFII. They both experimented and failed in the experimentation. Unfortunately, FFVIII flopped in comparison to its predecessor.

Final Fantasy IX - Square apparently tried to return to their roots with this game, but unfortunately, they were not successful. Poor characters, a horrible villain, and a poor story overall helped to give disappointment. There are no notable improvements in this installment and it also, unfortunately, flopped in the market.

Final Fantasy X - While considered to be the easiest of the entire series and also the worst by some, it is generally well liked by the public. Though the sale were nowhere near the size of its younger brother, FFVII, it did do well. Unfortunately, the game also seemed to be following a similar path that FFIX started. It became more linear. The only thing notable about this installment is that it was the first to get rid of the World Map.

Final Fantasy XI - A radical change from the series and one which some fans resent as it used the "Final Fantasy" name even though it is not a traditional FF. The change is that it is now an MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game), a type of games that computer gamers like. Though nowhere near as popular as any of the previous titles due to its change of gameplay, it is suggested that Square made the title for the immense profit that MMORPGs garner.

So far, that is the whole Final Fantasy series. There will undoubtedly be more and, so far, FFXII is rumored to be heading back to its roots again. The only thing people can be sure of is, like Mortal Kombat, the company will never let the title go no matter how unpopular it gets.
Final Fantasy VI - Set the standard for all future RPGs and even beat out the amazing Chrono Trigger.
by BusinessMan May 14, 2005
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An extremely popular website for video game FAQs, cheats, game saves, and etc. While mostly a hang-out for gamers, it is also frequently visited by lovers of anime, wrestling, and etc.

Main Interest:

The best part of GameFAQs (not to mention its namesake and what makes it popular) is the video game FAQs. Containing thousands of guides on various aspects for various games, GameFAQs is basically a heaven for almost anything related to video games.

However, while the FAQs is considered to be the heart and soul of GameFAQs, what truly makes it an exciting place are the message boards. Like all message boards, it has its share of fools, but truth is that a great deal of the board consist of intelligent posters too. Hanging around the message boards of GameFAQs is a virtually guarantee that you'll learn everything you need to know about video games.

The Ugly:

While GameFAQs is truly a wonderful place for gamers, it also has its share of negative aspects, which can be summarized into two words: Moderators and CNET.

CNET - In May, 2003, GameFAQs was bought out by CNET. Users of the website were promised by CNET themselves that GameFAQs would not be changed in any way, shape, or form. However, over the following months, many changes occurred but the vast majority were very small.

One year after the purchase, however, GameFAQs underwent a major change. Aside from receiving a new, more flashy interface, it was also merged with GameSpot's forums (which many original GameFAQs users claimed was the cause of the increase in ignorance among the boards). Regardless, things remained as such until 2006, in which GameFAQs underwent another visual change.

Moderators - To make a long story short, a good deal of GameFAQs hate the moderators, which would explained why (to a new user) so many users doesn't bother to mod topics which violates the ToS of GameFAQs.

Some users feel that the moderators are "blind" (i.e. they believe this is the reason why the vast majority of extremely obvious troll topics are never moderated) while other users become angry with the moderators for what they feel is an unjust mod of their topic or post.

Additionally, some users feel that the contest system on GameFAQs (provided so that users can contest a moderation) is skewed against them. This may or may not be true, but it is true that the contest system outright claims that it is extremely unlikely a contest will be accepted. Though it is not necessarily an indication that the system is skewed against users, users nonetheless received the impression from the message (and often, from the moderators' response to their contest) that the system is, indeed, skewed against them.


Overall, GameFAQs is still a wonderful place to talk about video games or to look up help. There are some jerks, fanboys, and trolls on the boards, but truth is that the same goes for any other website. Additionally, the number of these people are very small. The majority of GameFAQs consist of fun-loving users who love their games and is more than willing to help their fellow gamers (or those who simply has a question or two).

Simply put, don't let CNET's love for advertisement and the moderators' rather, er, zealous attitude bring down your enjoyment of GameFAQs and you'll have a good time there.
A: To me, the FAQs is the heart of GameFAQs but the users are the soul. If either one is missing, GameFAQs would lose a big part of itself.

B: A glass of wine, my friends, to the hope that CNET does not add anymore advertisements to GameFAQs nor any other major overhauls.

C: When posting on GameFAQs, it is better to not respond to any moderators you see. This goes for whether they're modding you or whether you just see them posting in a topic. Trust me, this will save you more than a little bit of trouble.
by BusinessMan October 25, 2006
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Quite possibly the most uninhabitable country since Canada (no, that's just a joke because I hate Canadians and Canada so much...).

Everything that sucks about Sweden:
1)The taxes are mind-blowing
2)It's run by a communist government
3)There is no other country on Earth that gives such power to feminazis
4)There is no other country on Earth that has so many brain dead politicians

And the list goes on and on! It doesn't ever seem to stop! I could probably write a novel on how many bad things there are about Sweden. However, to make things fair, here are all the good things about Sweden.

Everything that rocks about Sweden:
1)The landscape looks kind of nice
2)Not overpopulated

And that's pretty much all I can think of. I can probably count the number of good things about Sweden on my fingers. Basically, this country can be summarized in two categories, "too little of everything good" and "too much of everything bad".
Sweden: You wouldn't want to live there after living in a better place, such as anywhere else in the world, but it would be nice for a visit. Well, maybe not.
by BusinessMan April 25, 2005
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Supposedly a personal trait that makes one "pure". Unfortunately, the very knowledge of it seems to have unintented effects.

For men, it makes them feel ashamed that they have it because they think it represents immaturity or something along that line. For women, it makes them lie that they have it because they think it makes them less of a slut.

For the religious and/or conservative, having it makes them believe they're imbued with magical powers, which may remain ONLY if they lose their virginity in marriage.
College Geek: I still have my virginity...

College Whore: I still have my virginity!

College Professor: I still have my powers!
by BusinessMan April 22, 2005
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Basically, it is a girl who has it made in the shade. Her daddy loves her to the breaking point and will pretty much do anything for her.

She wants to go to that expensive college? Great! She wants to go to Europe for the summer? No problem! She wants her ex-boyfriend shot? Daddy will take care of it!

The opposite if Mommy's little boy. That is basically a boy who will do anything his mom tell him to do.
Girl: Daddy, can you buy me that balloon?

Daddy: Anything for you, princess!
by BusinessMan March 01, 2005
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