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enaB started out as just a joke between me and sam; a bunch of little fuckers on the internet defining a retarded word...but it means so much more. it means starting a small war over the internet. it means sucking cock for money. it means, fuck i dont know, not caring about life. fuck ya! enaB 4 life!
enab is my fucking world yo!
by Matt January 9, 2005
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One of the fastest cars. Made by Ferrari. Approx $700,000. Top speed: 217 MPH. Not too many in the U.S. Totally awesom car.
"Holly shit that Enzo is fast!"
by Matt August 4, 2004
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a fucking cs god, jesus this kid owns
more headshots then you can imagine
by Matt December 16, 2003
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A great action movie starring Christian Bale, and featuring the highest on-screen body count of any film (non-war).
by Matt November 3, 2004
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Also known as arate and alrate. A quick way of saying of all right. Formed originally in Stoke On Trent but now widespread across the north west
Person 1 : Erate there?
Peron 2 : Ai not too bad, hows you
Person 1 : Erate cant complain
by Matt November 11, 2004
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ER-REC-TION- A boner, wood, hard on, stiffy, pop up, hard tube. All of these words are used to describe an erected penis.
I got an erection after the milf walked by me and let me sniff her poon. Soon after I put my erection in her cha cha for ejactulating purposes
by Matt May 11, 2003
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A company that makes guitars and basses. Originally started as a custom guitar shop, they later started mass-producing certain styles. The cheaper, Korean-made models are refered to as ESP LTDs. ESP guitars are mostly custom made, but they still sell a few "base" models. They are mostly used by hard rock and nu metal bands such as Deftones, Cold, Ill Niño, Skinlab, etc.
Their custom made guitars are way too expensive for my tastes, but if you like them, hey, go for it. www.espguitars.com
by Matt August 12, 2004
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