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Short for Final Fantasy XI, a Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by Square-Enix in 2001. Follows several Final Fantasy 'guidelines' for game design: in-depth storyline that takes much time to traverse and complete, detailed graphics, highly-recognizable music, chocobos, airships, and (of course) Cid.
FFXI is a monthly-payment MMORPG and is constantly updated by the developer. Comparable to many other MMORPGs of this age, FFXI is somewhat inexpensive and is well-kept due to the monthly fee (if there was no playing fee, there would be no development/upkeep). According to the last report given by Square-Enix, there were over 500,000 players active with over 1.5 million characters by the third year of gameplay. Though several players have switched over to play other MMORPGs or have left the online game-play world completely, there is near-constantly more players entering the realm of Vana'Diel.
Known for: ability to change character jobs/classes without having to create a new character; having various tradeskills enabling players to create hundreds of items to sell/use; vast and graphical landscapes, underground areas, and building-type structures; various modes of transportation, including chocobo, airship, ferry, and teleportation; extremely long storyline in which players must undergo NPC-given missions to learn more about; and much more.
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by TheHyperFusion July 26, 2005
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Audiovisual crack. Need more WHMs.
by enjuneer November 08, 2003
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Final Fantasy XI; A MMORPG for those who decide not to follow the crowd and play lesser quality games in the same genre such as World of Warcraft.
Person A: D00d I play WoW, I pwn at that game
Person B: I play ffxi. We're both geeks but at least I play a good game.
by darklord5 June 12, 2007
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FFXI PWNS JOO is what nerds say.
But this game truely does kickass
by Atreyu Jacobison October 30, 2003
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An MMORPG that is made by Square Enix and is based of the Final Fantasy seris that has attracted so many fanboys/fangirls/wapaneses.

Pretty good.
Well, it's an MMORPG. It doesn't "kick ass", like those FFXI fanboys claim, but it is pretty good.
by Some dude July 18, 2004
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An awesom an, slightly, innovative mmorpg made by what I would rather call squaresoft, not goddang squeenix!

At any rate...
Shiny graphics - Check
Good community, eceonomy, gameplay - Check
Monthly fee - CHECK!!!111!11!!!!
and finally, tradeskill out the butt - check
I play FFXI and I like it OK.

PM my dragoon,warrior,theif,blackmage,redmage named WeaponZero on Fairy server!!!
yes I play on a server named Fairy!!!
by Atma Weapon December 30, 2004
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