Doing a task repetitavely in a video game or in real life in order to gain experience in whatever is being done. Often done for hours on end. Otherwise known as "practice".
Man I didn't get any sleep last night I was too busy leveling scales on my guitar.
Yeah, that's going to be useful when you fail your history test.
by level up April 21, 2011
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dude, i was cooking for your mother last night, then she starting grinding on me. WE STARTED LEVELING! your moms a whore, nigga
by ian kennedy!!!! November 26, 2006
A post-GCSE academic course in England and Wales offered at most Secondary School Sixth Forms, some FE Colleges and all Sixth Form Colleges.

Generally, the requirement to study at A-Level depends on the school. The most common requirement is five GCSE's at grade C-A*, sometimes including both English and Maths, but some Sixth Forms/Colleges will let you resit them if you didn't manage to get at least a C in them. Sixth Form's that are part of prestigious private schools or grammar schools generally require more/better grades, such as B's in Maths and English, two A's, and a string of B's and C's.

The A in A-Level stands for 'Advanced'-Level, and so it should. A-Levels are not neccessarily confusing or hard, but they are a LOT more work than GCSE's, and in a shorter space of time. The first half of the A-Level is the Advanced Subsidery or AS-Level, the second year is Advanced 2 or A2-Level, you complete both to get the full A-Levels.

The most common amount of A-Levels taken per person is either three (for the average students) or four (for smart students). However, some people actually pic even more, or less.

The average time spent doing A-Levels is two years, but some people end up doing three years for various reasons, such as failing a year, wanting to do extra AS's, or wanting to change subjects.

Generally after A-Levels, people go on to study at University or a skills/trade school or college.
Grace wants to be a doctor or animal vet. She's picked A-Levels: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Dane wants to be a lawyer. He's picked History, Government & Politics, English Literature and Law.

Tara has no idea what she wants to do, so she's picked the subjects she likes, such as Media Studies, Sport, Psychology and Law
by Bored123456789101112 October 31, 2009
completely honest and above-board. givin' it to you straight, with no exceptions. straight talk. like a true brother.
is Subway food on the level? I mean, do they cheat on the meat, if you know what I'm sayin'?
by I don't think so June 11, 2001
The measure of how parallel something is to the ground.
The levelity factor of the wall is very high.
by matt29ems17 May 19, 2011
To look at things in perspective or to look at something in a fair and realistic way
blud check out dat piece of chooongting

nah on a level dat booty is lackin
by AfroD June 5, 2006
Verb or noun. A joke or comment not meant to be taken seriously, but presented in a serious manner.

Thought of as a "cool" thing to do on various websites; the level also functions as a get out of jail free card when your comment is decisively shown to be silly or misinformed because you can claim you were "just levelling".

The term originates from the question of whether you take the comment seriously depending on the "level" you are thinking. In a game of poker, the levels of thinking are:

level 0 = thinking about the cards you're holding
level 1 = thinking about the cards your opponent is holding
level 2 = thinking about what your opponent thinks you are holding
level 3 = thinking about what your opponent thinks you think he his holding
Person 1 - Generic ridiculous stupid comment.

Person 2 - I really hope you are levelling here.

Person 1 - No I'm serious.

Person 3 - Haha you're stupid, you should have left it as a level.
by David Sklansky August 29, 2007