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An RPG created by Square-Enix. Story mainly focuses on Yuna's adventures. Along with Paine and Rikku, all three fight bad stuff in a Charlie's Angels way.
Person 1: Dude, I got FFX-2
Person 2: Really? Lets go play it!
Person 2: you. are. a. moron.
by k4r1 December 27, 2003
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The sequel to the great popular FFX.
People should really stop hating Final Fantasy here and try it out for once. FFX2 is looking great. The main characters are all hot ladies and the 2 theme songs, realEmotion and 1000 Words by Koda Kumi are really enjoyable.
How on earth can you hate FFX2??
by UnadornedSpirit September 11, 2003
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Final Fantasy Ten The Sequal Bacicaly
Artwork Looks Seriously desent
by Matt April 16, 2003
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A game by Jap developer Square who's commercial is constantly played durring WWE programming
WeEnEr743: FFX-2 Commercial, 5th time
WeEnEr743: can someone kill me?
WeEnEr743: anyone?
by nixor January 10, 2004
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