Essentially, meaning to have sex, the phrase "get lucky" usually refers to someone who wouldn't typically be able to perform the act of sexual intercourse with someone else.
See also get laid, get some action
If you play your cards right, you might get lucky tonight.
by the_man_with_the_plan February 22, 2005
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Bill: *yawn*
John: Woah you look tired.
Bill: Yeah i was up all night last night.
John: Why?
Bill: *snicker*
Bill: To get lucky.
John: Goddammit Bill.
by MC RAMASAMA February 23, 2014
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getting lucky, similar to getting some refers to having sex. Usually uses by females to express their willingness to share the bed with someone, or as a comment by males to say that they hope to get a girl into bed later on, see examples.
Woman: "I think you're getting lucky tonight.

Or: Man: "I think I'm getting lucky tonight with Judy".
by Starkiller44 May 14, 2008
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To be chosen out of many great people, because there was just something about you someone had to love!
I hope I will get lucky and get my dream internship with Campbell Mithun!
by hotforcm January 13, 2012
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When a guy has sex with two or more girls at the same time.
Used to be that just getting laid was getting lucky; now, if the girl you've got your dick in doesn't have her tongue in another girl's pussy, you're barely gettin' laid. Man I love the new millennium.
by discardme August 26, 2009
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A male feminist who is obsessed with fictional female characters and has fantasies of being dominated and pegged by spiteful and aggressive females.
The captain marvel fan base is largely radfems and Peggy get lucky's.
by Kettlebell 78 March 12, 2019
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