Rikku is a female role in the games of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. In both games, Rikku plays as a thief, but in FFX-2, she is able to change her class by the collecting of spheres.

Rikku is a very perky and lively, if not flirtious, girl in both games. Many, though, feels that she is a slut in FFX-2 because of her immodest dress, which is greatly changed from that of FFX.
Rikku also has a small apearance in Kingdom Hearts 2, as a small fairy girl.
Rikku's english voice actor is Terra Strong, who also plays a number of cartoon male voices.
If I cosplay Rikku, would guys think I was a slut, or a sneaky thief?
by Cathredale June 9, 2009
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A character from Final Fantasy X2 that attracts both guys and girls to the FF series.

She brings in female fans with her cool attitude and brings in guys with her hot look.
I checked out Rikku and thought maybe I'll play Final Fantasy X2.
by AcidTears January 2, 2005
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a girl that people think are hot when there are other video game females like Samus who surpass her. Not to mention, the voice actor of Rikku also voice acts Timmy from the Fairly Odd Parents. She's like a ninja, but only that she dresses inappropriately...and guys dig that.

People think that Tidus should have had sex with Rikku, but it's just them
Ok, Rikku's hot all right, but is that all you think of when there is a hawt girl?
by World Domination January 31, 2005
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A Final Fantasy X character who plays thw cute, endearing girl role. But in X-2 she becomes a cheap slut
Rikku FFX: Good

Rikku FFX-2: Whore
by BoazN December 7, 2006
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The leading sex symbol of video games, drawing perverts, fanboys, and (for some unknown reason) girls alike to the Final Fantasy series.
OMG rikku is teh hot!!!1
by mynamewastaken June 26, 2005
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a hyperactive, crazy chick who provides comic relief throughout final fantasy x and x-2. the wetdream of many a fan boy, even though shes 15 and 17 respectively in the games, you sick cradlerobbing fucks.
apparently lots of gamers use rikku as their late night masturbation material.
by seraphicreverie January 30, 2005
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