In the UK, a slang name given to Crystal Methamphetamine
Yo, have you got any Tina?
by And. July 19, 2018
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Tina = 'See with your Heart'
Tina is very beautiful, caring, sweet, kind heart and beautiful soul.
Tina will bring a smile to your face with every word and you will be dazed when
you look into her beautiful eyes. Every guy dreams of finding Tina in life and once
you do never let her go and treat her with respect and love :) Also dont forget
her cheeky side, Tina does have one and you will laugh all night so make sure
to bring it out in her xoxo
by Tripledeek June 20, 2013
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A very pretty outgoing girl. She doesn't let anything get in her way and is very independent. A smart person who has a great personality. Is a good person to hang out with and nice when you get to know her. If you get on her darkside she can turn into a bitch! Very kind person and always tries to find the good side in every bad situation. Great person to talk to and is very honest. She gives really good advice. A person who likes to try new things even if they can be crazy. Very creative and funny and is loved by many.
i wish i was a Tina.
by FckLoveLiveLife January 8, 2012
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A beautiful, unique, perfect girl. She is a girl who deserves to walk on the red carpet, who deserves independence and who is just fabulous. If you have a Tina, be the best friend you can to her and she will become your ying to your yang xoxo
"Who is that, looking amazing?"
"Oh that's Tina, my ying"
"She is so awesome"
"I know"
by Iluxoxo May 15, 2014
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Tina, meaning "little one." Derived from Latin. Competitive - a leader, independent, strength, creative and original. A refined intellectual, a woman who's studious, analytical and very research oriented . . .
Tina is a strong, determined woman.
by SilleAnit February 4, 2010
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by QuiffleWiffle8 June 2, 2018
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Very smart, very sexy, cutest dimples, loves to work and make her own money, has children, acts like a blonde at times, takes a lot to get her mad, doesn't like to fight but will if she has too, has a lot of brothers, is faithful only if he's faithful, is not materialistic unless it was her money that was spent, has a few friends that she's really close to, and to top it all off her sex is the best and men can fall in love with her quickly and easily.
Tina is the best at what she does.
Tina's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and damn right it's better than yours!!
by MsSmartyPants December 9, 2014
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