How an idiot spells the word "sequel".
Jeff spelled the word "sequel" "sequal", so I hit him in the face until he apologized.
by Hank McDizzleson July 3, 2008
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A word to be used when you want to know what the quality of someone's sex was. It's a combination of the words sex and quality.
Joe: "Did you sleep with Jessica? What was the sequality?"
David: "It was so amazing, dude! 10/10"
by rxllingthxnder February 12, 2021
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The measure of whether a sequel will live up to the original.
There's a huge difference in the sequality of the Star Trek movies.
by makjon1 June 3, 2013
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(v) to make a sequal of
Did you hear that they're planning to sequalize that movie?
by Maianna December 7, 2010
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They sequalized Shrek when they made Shrek 2.
by lalaland445 April 22, 2010
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