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This meaning varies for which side of the sex you are on.

Woman: To make sweet passionate love to your soul mate. Elevating each other's bodily experiences to a new level.

Man: What to do when your not watching sports.
Woman: "Let's complete each other darling. I want to caress you with all my love."

Man: "Let's make fucky"
by Nick February 22, 2005

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Everyones friend
by Nick March 18, 2003

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The act of sexualy pleasing oneself, usually to orgasm.
Masturbation is the best exercise I get all day!
by Nick November 10, 2002

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fast food place that gives you the shits
grande combo= try not to shit yourself special. After you eat it your shit wants to think outside of your buns and run for your border.
by nick March 02, 2004

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What comes out when someone with a lisp tries to say the word "song"
give me back the CD, i want to put a thong on
by nick May 01, 2003

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A person with fire red pubic hair
i have orang pubes...
by nick October 25, 2003

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To make out or French kiss.
After I got to first base with Jess, i found her gum in my mouth.
by Nick July 10, 2004

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