793 definitions by Nick

1. sox of the color red
2. pro baseball team
1. im wearing red sox
2. the red sox won the world series
by Nick March 15, 2005
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Paris hilton is the most hottest and awesome girl ever to live. she deserves everythign seh has gotten i love her and she is the best person ever!
by Nick March 21, 2005
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A sex session like a grumpkin in which one sits on a toilet taking a shit while another person gives the shitter a blow job; during a humpkin the grumpkin reciever humps the grumpkin givers face while holding the back of her head; hence HUMPkin.
"My you really humped my face while I was giving you a grumpkin Jimmy."

"Ah yes, cynthia, I did not want you to do all the work my dear. That was a humpkin"
by Nick April 7, 2005
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dude, look at that 'tard ja rule up on stage
by Nick June 19, 2003
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