A game for the Super Famicom/ Super Nintendo. It was released by Square Soft in 1993. Known as Final Fantasy III in the US, it has been widely regarded as the best game in the Final Fantasy serise, ans well as one of the best games made for the Super Nintendo. It follows the story of a young girl named Terra, who is half human and half "Esper", a race of magical beings who were thought to have dissapeared a millinea ago. She is brainwashed by the evil "Empire" who plan to use her abilities, and the abilities of Espers to create new war weapons. She encounters an Esper on one of her missions with the Empire, and is struck with amnesia. She is eventually led by Locke, a treasure hunter, to a group known as The Returners, and anti-Empire organization. She then sets out to destroy the Empire who brainwashed her.
Final Fantasy VI is one of the greatest games of all time.
by LockeCole311 April 3, 2004
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the sixth installment in the popular RPG series, the story of a young girl named Terra who is half-human and half-esper. An evil empire led by Gestahl and Kefka threatens to pull the earth in darkness. Terra and her friends embark on a journey filled with traps, jokes, suspense, and the occasional sand in the boots.
Final Fantasy VI is the best RPG ever...better than FInal Fantasy VII. Eat my peas!!!
by Heroic Master Chief March 25, 2004
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When you like Final Fantasy VII (FF7) but on the flip side you don't really like getting bullied
"Whats your favorite Final Fantasy Game?"
"Final Fantasy VI"
"Haha boy do I love objective facts"
by Qwerty_Boy February 6, 2022
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