When the penis hits the back of the female, or male, mouth during oral intercourse
Just got done heading back my girl, next time we are deep throating
by All Knowing Luey II March 19, 2014
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When something has gone out of direction or purpose (like a headless chicken) it's time to put the headback on the chicken.
We have lost track of our followers and are starting to lose them – Let's put the head back on the chicken
by winthelove January 7, 2019
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A term commonly used when playing Left4Dead 2. It referrs to the special infected Jockey due to its ability to jump on the back of one's head and drive them into danger.
by Jakitup January 21, 2011
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Its when a man is getting a blow job and his partner has a pepper in their mouth forcing the pepper and seeds of pepper into the hole and sucking them back out to end the Wet Back Head.
Man, i woke up this morning and my dick was on fire. Must have been that wet back head i got last night.
by Not So Honest Abe January 7, 2011
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To go home and rub one out so you think straight again.
Damn it! That makes no sense! Go get your head back on, man!
by TX' Speedy July 8, 2020
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