how long we have been sitting here writing urban dictionary definitions
Oh god....its been 3 hours
by Random Sewer Rat August 20, 2020
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when what is supposed to be a short trip turns into a long one because of getting lost or other mishaps
Our trip to the beach turned into a 3 hour tour because Jayden missed our turn and we ended up lost in the mountains instead.
by runnergurl June 27, 2012
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The 3 hour rule says that while in Boston if you have no plans you have absolutely no idea where you'll end up in 3 hours from the point where you no longer had any plans.
It's 10PM and I have no plans... I'll just wait for the 3 hour rule to kick in.
by Sid Barrett September 18, 2009
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When you fuck your bitch for 3 hours straight and you need a sandwich but your dick is to tender to walk so you tell her to make you one.
"yo bitch, I nailed you so long I deserve my 3 hour sandwich."
"fuck your tender dick"
by kisass June 4, 2015
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having sex with any of the members of the gilligan's island tv show
I was so down for a 3 hour tour with Ginger, but then fucking Bob Denver showed up.
by the prophet March 26, 2003
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A three hour tour is doing a narcotic such as coke or speed to lift you up for a bit at a club or after hours.
Thanks for the 3 hour tour you left in the bathroom at the after hours. That had me dancing strong.
by Brijeetah August 2, 2018
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