A (Very) brief summary of all the Final Fantasy Games:

FFI: The first game of the series on NES, saved Square Soft(Enix) from going out of buisness.
FFII: Squares first attempt to develop the series into what we know today, but being experimental didn't do so well.
FFIII: The most popular NES FF game. It is now being rereleased in 3D for the DS so go try if for yourself.

FFIV: This is the true parent(mother) of all Final Fantasy games today. Althought not as popular or defended as latter installments this game needs to be noted for its creation of the job system and progress in magic abilities.

FFV: The game that never made it to america, least popular of all the "typical" FF games. But still needs to be noted for its development on the job and magic systems which gave birth to later 'great' FF games.

-Loved by the Fanboys-
FFVI: The single greatest FF game ever created only rivaled by big brother FFVII. Fantastic storyline, tons of characters, and a great plot. A great battle system, magic system, and even summons & Desperation attacks (limits).

FFVII: The single most popular FF game ever created. The first 3D and first FF to leave Nintendo systems. Entertaining storyline, great characters, summons, and magic.

FFVI & FFVII: Are the best final fantasy's in the series, the debate on which is better is completely fan-opinions. While FFVI is superior in storyline, charaters, plot, deversity, and things you can do/explore. FFVII has much superior graphics, FMVs, and characters that are easy to relate to. The battle systems and magics of the games are very similar and the only way to truely settle this debate would be to remake both games with the new "White Engine" thats going to be used in Final Fantasy XIII (13).

FFVIII: A very underrated game because of its predecessor FFVII. The game featured a new magic system, and a few other unique things like auto leveling for characters not currently in your party. It also had a well developted storyline and characters, but the new battle systems were unpopular and the story just wasn't enough.

FFIX: Squares attempt to return to origial style FF games (FFIV, FFV, & FFVI), but unfortunatly the game came out too linear and the characters were unpopular leading to demise of this game.

FFX: The greatest visual story of all the FF games. Altho underrated and often noted as being too easy, this is one of the best FF games of all time as far as the visuals go and the ease to follow the story. However the lack of something other than pretty characters and amazing movies left this game slightly lacking among the fanboy crowd.

FFX-2: The sequal to FFX, with an all girl party. Praised to have the best battle system of all the FF games. Worth playing, but oddly unpopular among typical FF fans.

FFXI: An MMORPG, with a FF title. Similar to the series in the content of the game, but completely different gameplay and community of players.

-The Hopeful-
FFXII: A game that started out looking like a FFX clone with a new storyline. FFXII is to be released soon, a completely new game with a huge plot of battling kingdoms. This is Squares supposable attempt to go back to roots with the latest graphics, but fanboys and girls alike are very sceptical and hesitant to buy this game.

FFXIII: Hopefully the best Final Fantasy game of the series in development (for probably the next 5 years) it will have a completey new Real Time combat system. It will also be released with the lastest-n-greatest graphics on the next generation systems primarly PS3 (however b/c of the PS3 price range FFXIII will probably be released on XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii as well).
Man: What is Final Fantasy?
Fanboy: The greatest RPG series ever created.
Man: Oh?! You mean like D&D.
Fanboy: .......No......
by Matthew G. September 29, 2006
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the video game series that used to be for video game geeks but now is now unfortunately enjoyed by all, including the people that used to beat me up for liking these games
video game nerd: i <3 ff
jock: so do i, halo2 rocks too!
by sinstone April 17, 2005
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A game where you can waste countless hours playing, but yet the story and gameplay keep you hooked. People love to make fun of people who play these games, for no other reason than they think having emotions is wierd.

1, Yes, the stories have emotion and make the hardiest of us all cry at times.
2, Yes, there are those out there who take it more seriously than Christians took the Crusades, and happen to give the rest of us a bad name. (Just search "Tifa" without the google image safe search on, seriously.)
3, The Urban dictionary things acting like it's a disease, yes, you will be smelly and probably play 40 hours straight. Welcome to a game that takes more thought process than Halo.

Also, a game that your friend who acts like a macho man all the time will come over at the end and ruin it all for you.
Friend: What is this..?

Me: Final Fantasy.

Friend: Haha! That chick is totally almost nude!

Me: That's Rikku, now shut up, I'm trying to save the world.

Friend: Hahahah! She's still nude!

Me: -smack- Quiet, Yuna is finally seeing him again.

Friend: Oh come on, she's totally moaning in delight!

Me: ...Get out, you've ruined the moment I've played 30 hours to get to. Now, get out.
by Fan-notfanboy March 08, 2010
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A never ending euphoria, with many sequels that induce multiple orgasms.
Dood, when Final Fantasy 13 comes out I might as well come...
by elloguvnah October 11, 2008
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Final Fantasy is the world's premiere series of RPG's. In the modern RPG era's beginning, on the Nintendo Entertainment System (Family Computer in Japan), it could be said that the first big blockbuster titles were Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior (also known as Dragon Quest).

Final Fantasy was originally intended to be Square's last game, but due to its incredible success, they went on to continue the series.

Final Fantasy 1 through 3 were made for the Famicom / NES, Final Fantasy 4 through 6 were made for the Super Famicom / Super NES, and 7 and onward were made for the Sony Playstation. Final Fantasy recently entered the subscription-based MMORPG domain with the release of Final Fantasy XI. There is also Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo GameCube and the Final Fantasy Adventure and Final Fantasy Legend series for the Game Boy.

The Final Fantasy games are unrelated to each other in plot, however there are many common elements that return time after time. These include Chocobos, large yellow birds that are ridden like horses; Moogles, which are the equivalent of fairies but take the form of cuddly little white creatures; Atma Weapon which is both the name of a sword and of a boss creature, and a character named Cid.

The NES / Super NES titles were well enjoyed by players and sold particularly well, as did another notable Square title, Chrono Trigger, which was released in the interim between Final Fantasy 6 and Final Fantasy 7.
But thanks to a successful mass-marketing campaign by Square (now Square-Enix) in 1997, Final Fantasy 7 was an astounding success. As with any other gig whose popularity reaches critical mass, Square-Enix has since lost the "knack" of making quality new games. This is of little concern however, because the new post-1997 gaming generation had little motivation to play the prior games of the series, and instead always eagerly awaits the next mediocre Final Fantasy title. As such, Square-Enix only updates the series out of opportunity and habit, rather than artistic merit; since Final Fantasy is an easy cash cow that shows no signs of running out of milk.

Final Fantasy is now mostly seen as a subculture item, closely related to the anime / japanimation subculture.
Final Fantasy 7 is the best RPG ever.

(Yeah right. Wake up, fanboys....... Final Fantasy 6 gets my vote.)
by NRen2k5 September 22, 2005
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A fun video game series that is loved by many. Most games in the series have an emotional and moving plot that keeps you playing. Unfortunately some of the fans are anime fanboys and fangirls who tend to overrate every game and get pissy when you mention that you like another Final Fantasy game, or even another series in general better than this game.
My opinion: I like Final Fantasy although I find Zelda to be a better game series. The games I have played are I, II, IV, VI, X, and XII. I liked I somewhat but I didn't really like II. VI is a great game but a bit overrated in my opinion. I loved the story of X. I enjoyed XII's gameplay but I found the story to be weak. I want to buy VII, VIII, and IX. My personal favourite game in the series is IV.
Comapared to
Fanboys opinion: OmG Lyk i Luv FinAL FanTAsy. VII iS TeH beSt AnD sEphIROth iS gOD. ANyBOdy wHo thINks OthErWiSE iS A FaG. U muSt LYk eVeRy GAmE Or ur NoTA fAn. U mUst Lyk THiS SeRIEs tEh bESt or ur noT a fAN. U MusT Lyk VII TeH BesT OR UR noT A fAn.
by JustAnotherOne April 05, 2008
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The only decent reason to play on any of Sony's game systems. Sports games don't even count as games, for those of you who weren't in the know.
Dammit, Square Enix keeps making me buy Sony's PeniSystem crap!Damn you, Final Fantasy!
by aka_Pyro May 08, 2007
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