Makers of the Ever and more popular then Final Fantasy "In japan" Dragon Warroir/Quest games. When these games come state side most of the time they are not looked at because of the old school look and the fact people want 30 hour RPG's like Final Fantasy or just want Final Fantasy because it is just that. Enix has had a long history in making quality RPG's.

Enix merged with Square a few years back. Kind of a bad thing being Square will try to drag them into the dirt somehow and make their Final Fantasys look great.

Who knows what the future holds for Enix really...all I hope for is Dragon Warrior to come state side.
If you want a true 100 hour RPG that dose not let up nor have half hour FMV's look into Dragon Warrior.
by Woogy April 9, 2005
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The fattest & huggest monster in the whole wide world. Love's twinkys, while also anything eatible & not eatible in sight. One thing to watch more than this fat skank is your LUNCH!
"give back my food! Don't be an ENIX!"
by Cool Kid x 1 2 3 4 April 21, 2009
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A good company by themselves, they merged with Square, which was a very bad thing. Square's recent games after their transformation into 'Square Enix' have sucked.
Grandia Xtreme is awesome! (Made by Enix)

Final Fantasy Tactics is awesome! (Made by Square)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance sucks. (Made by Square Enix)
by StryfeX Arcadia May 19, 2004
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Enix, a gaming company, is now merged with squaresoft to form square-enix the creater of many great games such as the newer additions to the popular series, Final Fantasy.
by bor3d March 14, 2005
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The creators of many top RPGs(Role Playing Games) for the Playstation 2 Game console. In mid 2004 Squaresoft merged with Enix to become Square-Enix. Square-Enix produces the ever popular 'Final Fantasy' series.
Me - "Drakengard 2 is really fun!"

Person - "Oh, who makes it?"

Me - "Square-Enix!"
by some dude11111 July 3, 2006
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A massive parasitic composite organism that survives by eating money offered to it by lesser organisms. In order to obtain its food, the Square Enix excretes an addictive product known as "Final Fantasy" from specialized polyps. Lesser organisms swarm over the Final Fantasies, at which point the Square Enix extracts their money. However, the Square Enix sweats plot holes, which it often smears onto the Final Fantasies. This ensures that the Square Enix's hopelessly addicted prey will keep returning in the empty hope that the Square Enix will produce a sequel that fills these plot holes. While the Square Enix does indeed produce sequels in addition to Final Fantasies, the sequels are frequently just a plot hole ridden as the main products.
Billy spent $40.00 on Final Fantasy VII. However, Final Fantasy X was filled with plot holes, so Billy purchased the sequels in hopes of having his many questions answered. However, the sequels were even more confusing - Billy had unwittingly fallen prey to the insatiable Square Enix parasite.
by Aeris Dies January 25, 2009
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1. The company that created both the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series.
2. A company that will be eternally hated for not allowing 'Geno' a character from Super Mario RPG, in brawl
1. Man, Kingdom hearts and Final Fantasy FTW!
2. I hate you Square Enix!
by Jeffdabomb May 30, 2009
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