intr.v. Spork, Sporked, Sporks, Sporking. 1) The act of completely humiliating or obliterating someone verbally, in written/typed form, or any other media. 2) Forum section on containing a database of humiliating and obliteratory messages directed towards anti-supporters of the website. (Created by Essix and The Cake God, respectively)
You've been Sporked!™, courtesy of
by Essix March 6, 2005
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To have an erection while spooning.
While Jane laid as the little spoon, John laid as big spoon behind her. John got excited and Jane could feel him sporking her with his erection.

"To spork" is to cuddle in that gray area between spooning and forking.
by TruestScotsman January 26, 2011
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The act of spooning with the addition of an erection.
we fell asleep... then when i woke up in the morning, he was totally sporking me!
by Rosie November 6, 2003
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What happens when a spoon and fork love each other very much.
The fork and the spoon were in the draw for a few weeks and when I opened it, it was full of sporks.
by LabMom March 18, 2010
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A position for sexual intercourse in which a couple lie on their sides, spooning, while the male’s (large spoon) penis is inserted into his partner’s (small spoon) vagina or anus.
1. Ben and I were so tired after a long day of hiking that we just sporked and fell asleep.

2. Did you know that many older couples spork as a way to maintain a healthy sex life without risking the potential injury that comes with more active sexual positions?
by RedheadedViking December 11, 2021
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And on the 8th day, God decided that Adam and Eve needed a multipurpose silverware item. Thus, the spork, a combination of the prongede wrath of the fork and the carrying capacity of the spoon. Sporks are thought to be the most holiest of silverware. They are the only ones possible of freeing us from the evil clutches of the finger foods. There only weakness is that they can't stay outside after 12:00 on the night of the summer solstice.
Spork, God's true gift to men.
by Spork April 16, 2005
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Little plastic utensil; rounded like a spoon only with tiny spikes. Found in most 'ready to eat' pasta pots, fruit salads etc.
Stove thought that the word 'Spork' related to a structure found on a bicycle wheel. It doesn't though; Stove was wrong.
by Mr. Retsbol March 31, 2015
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