the four utensil positions are the: spoon, fork, spork, and knife
They got really stoned and experimented with all the utensil positions the whole night.
by floutas December 3, 2006
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A box, space in cabinets or enclosure where you keep all the utensils which are used once in a year, yet you need them for those "just in case" moments. For example A Potjie (spelled PoyKee is a cast iron pot from South Africa which deserves to go inside a Utensilator.

" Joey ! Can you put away this "potjie" back in the Utensilator please"
by Shazz Spazz August 21, 2008
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One of three things a man uses to pleasure a woman.

1. Fingers

2. Tounge (eating out)

1. Kipp: Man i used my first utensil last night!
Steve: How many!?
Kipp: Three!!!!

2. Kipp: Hey steve guess what!
Steve: What kipp!?
Kipp: I used my second utensil. last night.. and it tasted AWESOME!
Steve: JEALOUS!!

3. Kipp: hey steve.. I used my third utensil last night..
Steve: Nice!! Did it hurt her?
Kipp: Always does!
by SexxyPartyy August 18, 2008
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when males and females lie together all facing the same way
type 1: clothed
type 2: unclothed
The other day my boyfriend and i were utensiling.
by oshlivia November 27, 2006
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Instruments used for the art of fencing.
Outside of American Eagle, one may discover ladies fencing for advertisement. Observe the skills they have with the fen utensils!
by TheNativez April 6, 2007
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absolutely a verb.

To hit another person in the face with a utensil either plastic or metal. Most commonly done with a Sonic Blast spoon but not limited to such. When one says stupid ass shit, feel free to grab the closest utensil and slap the fuck out of them.
Person 1 says something sexist/racist.

Person 2 utensil slapped that bitchass.
by Grand Masta Sloppi Stik June 22, 2010
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