Used to describe something highly but in a sarcastic way.
*see ugly boy*
"He is such attraction"

"I would very much like to take you out"
by Only the ocean April 10, 2014
Very much is a word used by a girl named Emma, shes not famous yet but she will be and when she is she wil beat up every person that uses her catch phrase «very much»
Friend: «hey Emma! How was your day
Emma: «It was very much very much......very much...very much :(»
Friend: «aww im sorry to hear that»
by Pepsianal87 October 15, 2020
so much gel deodorant that it makes your arm pits wet,
when u twist your deodorant too much and you put it on then theres so much on that your shirt gets wet.

" aaaawh man, I am very much deodoranty"
by morracket September 25, 2009
umm not dead? hot yet kinda scary many good movie lines (brainless oaf hagrid, very much alive, but only just..) half angy beaver, like orlando. drinks steaming beer with his slytherin jacket next to a man/woman (i cant tella) under an unbrella with a homeless and bogie picker kid in a random place. where? has a rap group with orlando kinda womanly.
very much alive...dead?
by lalalalal October 8, 2003
Very much adequate means that its satisfactory or decently acceptable to the social standards of society
James:Yo did you see Jessica's post on Instagram

Adam: I mean I gusse its very much adequate in my opinion
by Leannedavies711 November 22, 2020
This describes a comical greeting between those who have a spanking fetish.
Ben Dover pulled out the paddle and said "spank you very much " to Wonda Wonderpig!
by I, Wreckerrr February 15, 2017
"You can't drive for shit!"
"Yeah, fuck you very much!"
by icedhunter September 6, 2005