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'your talking so fast i'm confuddled'
by Rosie December 15, 2004
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A show based on daily lifestyles and teen issues. Usually has a lesson after each episode. It's a very addicting show once you watch a few episodes. I think the fans of Degrassi are so into it because they can relate to one of the characters on the show. Everyone on the show has their differnt personalities anyway and that's what I love about it!
Oh my god!! Did you see that Degrassi commercial!? Ellie and Sean are gonna go out!! OMG!! ^_^
by Rosie December 30, 2004
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Russin word; Means woman.

Very good all girl punk band. Went from the Devotchkas, to the 99's, then back to the Devotchkas.

Current Line Up:
Jessica - Vox
Alaine - Bass
Mande - Guitar
Gabrielle - Drums

Former line up(s):
As the 99's:
JJ: vox
Mande: guitar
Alaine: bass
Gabrielle: drums

As the Devotchkas:
Steph: vox
Mande: guitar
Alaine: bass
Gabrielle: drums

The Devotchkas - 1998
Annihilation - 2000
Live Fast Die Young - 2001
by Rosie February 10, 2004
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A home for crusty crustations...usually dwell in moist tuna smelling genitalia...
Holy shit look at that crab habitat...damn that girls got a freakin subdivision livin in there!
by Rosie November 15, 2003
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One who downloads at the same rate as a whore gets pumped...much like a whores risk of contracting pussy fungal viruses and fatal viruses.....the download whore risks the same for the sake of doing what they do best!
Luva called me on the phone, AGAIN, to say,"helppppppppp meee!....i got this virus i can't cure!", To which i Replied "First step to download whore recovery is to admit you are in fact a Download Whore!"
by Rosie February 18, 2004
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A person who is annoying bouncy when annoyed or way too excited about lame stuff!
Heather is one big flounce!
by Rosie February 6, 2004
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Extremely gorgeous man from New York, singer from The Strokes, son of John Casablancas - Elite Modelling Agency founder.
Julian Casblancas Rocks My Socks!
by Rosie October 18, 2003
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