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Em•in•em (em in’em), n.

1) A superficial mainstream rapper specializing in exploiting gullible people with controversial material through the use of the mainstream media.

2) Alias used by Marshall Bruce Mathers III for rapping purposes, created by taking the first letter of his first and last names (M & M) and spelling out the sound of the phrase. (1995; Created by Marshall Bruce Mathers I, realistically)
I don't like Eminem or any other musician that is proclaimed to be a "great" artist but lacks the ability to create his or her own instrumentals.
by Essix May 5, 2006
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Main•stream (mAn’strEm’), n., adj.

1) A genre in music and other forms of media that is often defined by widely-accepted and currently-popular standards, trends, and hypes that have been established by the media, typically resulting in the promotion of superficial traits.
My popular friends accept me because I'm hot and I like all the mainstream artists on MTV.
by Essix April 16, 2005
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Un•der•ground (un’der ground’), n., adj.

1) A genre in music and other forms of media intended for an elite audience, that is often characterized by its high levels of originality and experimentation, and does not conform to typical standards, trends, or hypes as set by the popular mainstream media.
The mainstream media has a tendency to steal new ideas from the underground.
by Essix April 16, 2005
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Es•six (es’iks), n.

1) The multi-talented rapper, music producer, graphic artist, webmaster and mastermind behind Feminem.com and other various websites including Essix.net and TGround.com, that praises the aspects of individuality, originality, and talent, and stands against mainstream exploitation and closed-mindedness.

2) Alias derived from the phrase "S6," which was derived from Scorpio 6 (the Zodiac sign and day of birth of the user of the alias), used by the mastermind of various websites including Feminem.com, Essix.net, and TGround.com for music-creation purposes and other online endeavors. (2004; Created by Essix)

3) Alias replacing "DJ Jake" with the release of "Reactions" on December 14th, 2004.
Essix endeavors to enlighten the world through his various forms of talents.
by Essix April 16, 2005
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Bread (bred), n., (Belonging to Reality and Exploiting Anyone who is Developmental)
Crust (krust), n., (Conforming to Reality with Underlining Superficial Traits)

1) Acronymic phrase referring to the two types of people involved in the mainstream genre. "BREAD" refers to the mainstream media in general and anyone willing to exploit the masses of conformative people looking to "fit in" with the popular crowd (i.e. Eminem, MTV, etc.). "CRUST" refers to the consumers in the industry that are highly influenced by mainstream media and will gullibly conform to any standards set by popular icons.
Thanks to the Bread Crusts, my hope for mankind has diminished.
by Essix April 16, 2005
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intr.v. Spork, Sporked, Sporks, Sporking. 1) The act of completely humiliating or obliterating someone verbally, in written/typed form, or any other media. 2) Forum section on Feminem.com containing a database of humiliating and obliteratory messages directed towards anti-supporters of the website. (Created by Essix and The Cake God, respectively)
You've been Sporked!™, courtesy of Feminem.com.
by Essix March 6, 2005
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E•A•E (e a e), n., (Elite Association of Enlightenment)

1) A select group of individuals composing the ruling body of Feminem.com that discuss various website-related issues and other administration decisions to help fulfill the purpose of the website, chosen and led by Essix, the mastermind of Feminem.com.
The EAE has voted to remove you from the Feminem.com forum community.
by Essix April 16, 2005
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