1. courteous behaviour

2. a polite speech or action, especially one required by convention.

3. a thoughtful action or gesture.
Courtney is a very courteous person.

Don't forget to do that courtesy thing i told you about before we came over.

Courtsey defines Courtney (H), yea thats right.
by Alex Pipe July 8, 2004
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a)Etiquette follows courtesy
b) WTF? is courtesy??
c) try respect
by What it mean agn? March 2, 2004
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Something that is lame, uncool or generally unsatisfactory.
"Joe promised to hang out with us tonight, but then he pulled a courtesy move and hung out with his girlfriend instead."
by pmk724 October 4, 2009
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1. (in 420 context) When 1 person packs a fresh bowl of high grade grass and doesn't burn off all the green for the next person when he lights it.
I just packed a bowl of skeezer but I left you some courtesy.
by Chengshan April 27, 2012
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Noun version of courteous. The act of having consideration for another person or being; to include other being's needs or wants into a plan or schedule
At least he had the courtesy to put the seat down, after using the toilet.
by NikkiRae561 December 22, 2019
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Anything out of the ordinary. Something that sort of takes you by suprise, not completely crazy, but definitely unusual.
So me and Steve were hanging out drinking some beer and out of nowhere there was a knock at the door, do you know who it was? It was Joe, we haven't seen him sense high school.

Yeah man, that's a total courtesy.
by Joe Schneckloth April 6, 2008
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When a friend of the opposite sex (for heterosexuals) wears something slightly revealing or otherwise shows a bit of skin, and it would be rude or confidence destroying not to take a quick glance.
Claire just got changed on the bus, would have been rude not to give her a courtesy perv
by wontbudge June 19, 2015
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