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Food shamed (or food shaming): Being judged unfairly about your relationship with food.
Emma was eating a cupcake at work when Lisa food shamed her in the work whatsapp group.

Cheers petal!
by Mr. Retsbol November 27, 2018
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Bath time botty action with processed meat in the bath

The fetish of inserting processed meat into the rectum, whilst having a bath. E.g. Pepperoni, pork pies, a savaloi or a sausage roll.
"Yeah, I'd definitely say I'm kinky but not OVERLY so. I'm up for eating naughty pork pies in the bath every now and again, but nothing too crazy!"
by Mr. Retsbol March 31, 2021
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Little plastic utensil; rounded like a spoon only with tiny spikes. Found in most 'ready to eat' pasta pots, fruit salads etc.
Stove thought that the word 'Spork' related to a structure found on a bicycle wheel. It doesn't though; Stove was wrong.
by Mr. Retsbol March 31, 2015
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