What happens when a spoon and fork love each other very much.
The fork and the spoon were in the draw for a few weeks and when I opened it, it was full of sporks.
by LabMom March 18, 2010
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Little plastic utensil; rounded like a spoon only with tiny spikes. Found in most 'ready to eat' pasta pots, fruit salads etc.
Stove thought that the word 'Spork' related to a structure found on a bicycle wheel. It doesn't though; Stove was wrong.
by Mr. Retsbol March 31, 2015
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A position for sexual intercourse in which a couple lie on their sides, spooning, while the male’s (large spoon) penis is inserted into his partner’s (small spoon) vagina or anus.
1. Ben and I were so tired after a long day of hiking that we just sporked and fell asleep.

2. Did you know that many older couples spork as a way to maintain a healthy sex life without risking the potential injury that comes with more active sexual positions?
by RedheadedViking December 11, 2021
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1.) the act of spooning while your erect penis is inserted. This involves no motion, just a one simple thrust and you are sporking.

2.) a laying down hug with a motionless inserted penis.

3.) spooning with a fully inserted erection.
I had a raging hard on but she didn't feel like boning...so I put it in and we just laid there and sporked.
by I am the Squid December 11, 2010
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The act of a man spooning a woman with a little bit of pork.
"Ughhh Gene, I woke up with Ryan spoonin me and I felt his boner in my back, he was sporkin the shit outta me."
by Genomaculant November 27, 2011
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1. Within the fandom community, "to spork" something means to parody or make fun of something, especially fanfiction.

2. A meaningless exclamation thrown haphazardly into sentences by your standard "random, hyper" fangirl who claims to be on a "sugar high."
"We sporked her story because she wrote a Mary-Sue."

"Spork!!! I'm being random today!"
by ChaosRocket October 6, 2007
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Another word for transexual, it is a combination of spoon and fork just like a combination of a male and female.
son- Why is that man looking so weirdly at me daddy?

dad- Because, he is a spork son.
by clydidia. February 23, 2008
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