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A form of cuddling where the boyfriend/taller girlfriend lays facing the same direction as their shorter boyfriend/girlfriend and wraps their arms around the waist from the back, fitting together like "spoons"
Person 1: Did you hear that Mark and Shannon were spooning last night?
Person 2: Yeah... They do it too much.. They need to get a room!!
by @tight_and_bright April 11, 2015
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A form of affection between a couple. Where the man lays front to back with the girl. They fit together like spoons.
Kevin and Michelle spooned all night!
by Jeff K October 02, 2002
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A form of cuddling in which the man embraces the woman from the back and fit together like spoons. Hence the word "spooning."

For Girls: Cute, Warm, & Straight to sleep
For Guys: A face full of hair, A dead arm, & an awkward boner
Girl to Girl: "Omg me and my boyfriend were spooning last night and it was so adorable! I slept like a baby."

Guy to Guy: "Bro I was spooning with my girl last night and it was so weird. I took me like 3 hours to fall asleep, and I couldn't move because I didn't want her to feel me."
by kingshitpaolo187 February 09, 2013
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Dick hard on the butt, titty in your hand, kiss her neck, hell yeah.
Guy: I went spooning with my wife last night
Shopper: really?
Guy: hell yeah
Shopper: hell yeah
by nichosal December 20, 2013
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The act of cuddling together with the little spoon's (the smaller person) back touching the larger spoon's (bigger person) chest. Excellent for establishing physical intimacy. It is a good idea for the big spoon to rub the little spoon's shoulder while spooning.
Mark was spooning his boyfriend as a prerequisite to making love.
by MF & HJ February 24, 2011
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An act of cuddling, or snuggling where a male and female get together and lay back to chest with bent knees and legs to where they fit together like spoons.
John: "yo man I was spooning with this girl last night, she made me hard as a rock but she didn't feel the D"
by TurtleCorn March 02, 2015
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A horizontal hug where the friends/lovers lie back to chest, and fit into each others nooks. Like little spoons in a drawer.
My boy lies behind me and proceeds to wrap his arms around me, as I lie in front feeling fully content.
by Mel September 30, 2003
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