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A mushroom commonly found in flat, square boxes labelled with a question mark. There are three varieties. A red one which will double your height, a green one which will revive you when you die then disappear, and a purple one which is poisonous.
Had I not grabbed the Magic Mushroom, I would not have made it to world 8.
by Spork August 27, 2003
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'Yo, Guamolian, you're Guamish, right?'
'No, Chamorro, idoit.'
by Spork April 06, 2004
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0-RAM: Interjection similar to many others, can be used in a variety of ways.
Verb: You got 0-RAMmed.
Noun: 0-RAM!!!
by Spork March 27, 2004
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Windows has been running for 2 minutes now. We can thusly expect a Blue Screen Of Death right about... now.
by Spork August 27, 2003
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billy bob joe has been recently diagnosed with sub-retardation
by Spork January 30, 2003
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1) A hippie hedgehog who saves animals, destroys the evil robots that captured them, and cleans up litter such as dropped golden rings and emeralds while running at speeds in excess of 500 MPH.
2) A series of video games with the sweetest music evar.
Sonic blazed past me collecting rings and blasting kickass music.
by Spork August 27, 2003
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