A state of mind in which one cannot determine whether or not they are under the influence. Occurs between the drunken state and the hungover state. Symptoms may vary, although common ones are the tendency to talk to inanimate objects, wander aimlessly in empty malls, drive in circles, eat cereal at waffle house, inability to keep from laughing during a 9am class (even during a test), and paranoia regarding those around you.
As they laughed uncontrollably at the stupidest jokes, they realized they were in a very gray area from the night before.
by babylioncub April 12, 2005
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The place where people don't know if it is something or not something
Bob said: If I cut myself, is it illegal?

Rob said: Well, I don't know Bob. That's sort of a gray area, haha.
by Mike Hansen June 19, 2004
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The girl who cares about a guy and thinks that the guy cares back, until she realizes he's commitment-phobic. But then, he turns around and has a relationship with some other girl, and the gray area girl soon realizes it was her fault because she didn't speak up. What meant so much to her, meant nothing to him.
Sara: "I thought he was the one. He said he wasn't the commitment type, but now he has a girlfriend and it isn't me."
Beth: "Sorry Sara, it seems like you were just the gray area girl."
by danishfilipina July 8, 2011
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The mentality held by the naturally and hierarchically superior lone wolves. To be in the Gray Area, one must be a free thinker who disregards others in order to achieve success and to be pleasured.
Greg had a gray area mentality as he assaulted a child to steal their bike
by Confound The System September 18, 2021
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Some people don't want a gray area to be allowed, they just want everything that isn't green to be blue, blue chips.
by Solid Mantis March 13, 2021
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