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When spelling checker fails to pick up an incorrect word because the word, though incorrect in your sentence, was actually a real word in itself.

These require serious proof reading to find, as they won't be underlined in red, however, it's worth doing because they can make a HUGE difference to what it is you were trying to say...
The pseudo-typo is a real word that is inappropriately placed:

"We all lined up on the star line."
(We all lined up on the starT line)

"If you do that again, I'm going to come down there and kiss your ass!"
(If you do that again, I'm going to come down there and kiCK your ass!)

"I wrote to my boss and made an horrific pseudo-typo, instead of saying I'd like to kill him, I said I'd like to kiss him and now we have a date on Wednesday :( "
by LabMom March 1, 2010
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When you catch a flash of "The Big Picture" during the rambling thoughts after smoking weed. The saddest part is, only you actually understand it, and you can't really explain it well enough to get other people to see it too - and when you come down, you can barely remember it yourself.

A passing wisdom that is lost on the sane and sober. Still, it shows you what your mind could be capable of....
John: Mike was high as a kite and last night and was trying to tell me something about how angry people will eventually ruin the pharmaceutical industry....?

David: Yeah well he does that sometimes, it's just the Wisdom of the weed.

Mike (last night - thinking): La de dum, today is a happy day, it's nice and cool and my sweater feels nice and I never noticed it was such a nice shade of red - look at that, it's like that balloon in that German girl song the one with the armpit hair, what was her name, god was that 20odd years ago? surely I can't be that old...and....OMG! if angry people somehow get a hold of the drug that makes your memory vanish....etc etc etc....I'd better tell John so he can remember tomorrow when I don't....
by LabMom September 22, 2009
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British Spider.

Contraction. Since "Brexit", anything starting "British" must now be forcibly squashed into one uncomfortable word to become media acceptable.
Hense, at this time of year (September/October) we see an influx of giant spiders into our houses and they are British Spiders, ergo, there is now a Brider in the bath.
by LabMom September 22, 2016
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Any virus that can be transmitted to your precious Blackberry via the evil internet.
I am heartbroken since my trusty Blackberry died of Blackberry aids.
by LabMom November 8, 2009
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Time taken by a person on flexible working hours, at the end of the day, to use the bathroom before going home, thus allowing them to add their toilet time to their Time Sheet as if they were actually working for that extra ten minutes.

Easy way to get additional holiday without actually doing additional work.
6 flexi-shits = 1 hours lie-in one morning.
45 flexi-shits = 1 days flexi leave.

Counting my flexi-shit this evening, I can now have a half day holiday on Friday, yay!
by LabMom January 21, 2010
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A web-whoops, where the intended word was "account" but the fingers were faster than the brain, and the brain forgot to spell-check.

Very bad if you do it in a business letter and do not correct it, leaves the customer wondering: "What's an Aco cunt?"

(Also sounds like it may be a really unpleasant coconut.)
Dear Mr Jones,

We have recently reviewed your acocunt.....Please bring your acocunt up to date immediately!
by LabMom November 3, 2009
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A term of endearment for a pet female Labrador dog.

Generally in use by owners of female Labradors, who wish to display the level of affection felt for such a worthy animal.

(See also: Labradorable)
Asker: Do you have any kids?
Speaker: I have a son and two black Labradaughters.
by LabMom June 25, 2009
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