(a) Name given to Detroit rapper Eminem by people who view him as lacking rap talent and as a tool of the mainstream pop world. Used by other rappers, such as Esham the Unholy, Insane Clown Posse, and Ja Rule. (b) Used to describe one who attempts to emulate said rapper.
(a) I really wanna hatchet Feminem to death. (b) There's a lot of Feminems in my school.
by Brad April 10, 2004
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A derogatory word about Eminem used by jealous little pussies who are aren't man to admit Eminem is much better than they are. Any of these douche-bags would EASILY be beaten by Eminem in a freestyle battle, and would be so scared to pick up the mic ever again after said defeat. Usually is the result of jealousy for Marshalls incredible talent on the mic, consisting of great rhymes, multi syllabic cross rhymes, metaphors, wordplay, and great personal depth. ICP? Seriously! Who takes ICP seriously as artists? Ja Rule? Hed get owned by Eminem in a freestyle FOR SURE. Just like Eminem destroyed Canibus, Wayne and SO MANY OTHERS.
Idiot: "Feminem is a faggot sell out!"
Me: "Fuck you bitch, EMINEM is one of the greatest rappers to ever touch the mic."
by METAL AND RAP AND ROCK FTW March 20, 2010
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Mildly talented, extremely over-rated entertainer. Was a racist pig as a youth, has since offered a half-hearted "well, boys will be boys" type of apology. Utilizes Black music to tell tales of raping his mother and killing his wife. Feminem achieved his popularity in large part due to his skin color; if you tell an average white feminem fan that feminem is not The Best Ever, the fan will react as if you insulted every member of his family.
I hope Feminem means it when he says "Curtain Call", i.e. retirement. His "music" has gotten progressively suckier.
by Canada street's in the bldg. January 07, 2006
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Gay fuckin people who make fun of Eminem.
Y'all need to stop dissin him..
He's one of the greatest rappers of all time..
He's right up there With Biggie and Pac
that's the gayest shit i've ever heard of..
y'all need to go fuck yourselves if you diss on "Eminem"

by NikkaDee1 January 14, 2006
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