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A Sex goddess

Coming from the name Rhiannon.
That girl was so Rhi
by Anon December 10, 2004

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when a girl becomes officially ugly
That girl hit the wall.
by anon January 26, 2004

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Our nation's capitol also ironically the most violent area in the US
"I was on a tour of the white house and saw 15 people get capped."
by anon December 23, 2004

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The sophmores need to get up off the senior's dicks
Senior: Get on your knees
Dana: Yes sir
by anon March 06, 2005

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An area of WW2 concentration camps where women and children were forced into sexual slavery.
Take them to the Joy Division.
by anon March 03, 2005

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1- aka bin laden...you never see them at the same time!!!
aha! i proved a point!

2- a new curse word that originaled in san francisco . california which is currently undefined.
1 - George W Bush is a terroist!

2 - "Suck my Bush!"
by anon November 15, 2004

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Short for skelmersdale.

1. A place kinda near liverpool.
2. A shit hole.
3. A place with fuck all to do.
'Fucking hell, theres fuck all to do in skem'
'Skem is a shit hole'
by anon April 26, 2005

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