A stunning car of the 80's, aka Chrysler Conquest.

A very rare and unique car, definately one of a kind
"Woah, check out that horn looking Staz!"
by starion December 10, 2003
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The best car ever. Made by Mistubishi
Dude you just got your ass kicked by a shitty old starion
by Sidewaysstarion October 12, 2004
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Made by Mitsubishi, AKA Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth Conquest.

One of the best sports cars of the eighties, second only to the Datsuns.

Invulnerable to rice, capable of outracing any Honda, Acura, or Toyota, and will put Mustangs and Camaros back in their place.
I bought a Mitsubishi Starion for $1,500 after five years of outright neglect. This is easily the most fun car I have ever driven. Fast, powerful, attractive to girls (especially with the stickshift), and just beautiful.

Want to know how powerful it is? When I got it, the secondary fuel injector was broken. On only the primary injector, that car could get to about 70 MPH.
by STRX December 21, 2008
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An early turbocharged sports car built by Mitsubishi in the mid/late-80's, the forerunner of the Eclipse. Legend has it that it was named "Starion" because of japanese mispronunciation of the English "Stallion," IE a car to compete with the Ford Mustang.
(in japanese accent:) Oh! I like starion horses!

Junkyards are full of Starion intercoolers, if you're willing to do some fabrication, you can fit one in your Eclipse.
by Chris Tipton-King July 18, 2005
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