terminology for one's name without saying their actual name, originated in East Palo Alto
" sup rogue", "quit playin rogue",
by E. Brown December 20, 2005
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1. a rebellious, loner who follows their own rules

2. a prostitute who rejects the idea of pimps

3. an independent woman

4. a person who cons using intellect, charm, or force

5. an uncontrollable person
1. I don't mess with them fools, you know I'm a rogue. I stay to myself.

2. Man, my best ho just turned into a rogue on me lettin them renegades get in her head.

3. I bet you you don't smash that girl. She straight rogue, you gotta step your game up... She got her own.

4. She was a rogue man! She made me feel so good and I just gave her all my money! Now I can't find her!!

5. I'm done with him. He's a rogue. He stays out all night and don't do anything I ask!! Ugh!!
by CheBae September 9, 2011
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A sly, mysterious, and/or deceitful person / thing

To steal or cheat something from someone
by larstait October 23, 2003
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In World of Warcraft, a sneaky little bugger that wears leather armour, and attacks with pointy things to do a lot of damage in a little amount of time. Commonly mispelled "rouge".

"It's ROGUE you fucking moron. Damn."
by Hadranos September 5, 2006
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Meaning Brothers or Homies, But From East Palo Alto not Palo Alto there are Too Rich, Old and White.
by JHades November 6, 2005
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If something is rogue then that something is generally accepted as being cool, legit, or goon. It can be pronounced as rogue, or rojay.
Alex: Chris, remember when we went snowboarding last year?!
Chris: yea!! Those jumps were sick!
Alex: nah man, they were rogue!!
by ayegee February 9, 2010
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1) sneaky,sly,or dangerous
2)someone turned evil
1)that rogue is going to steal a car
2)the rogue agent betrayed me
by rovert March 6, 2006
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