A phrase uttered (normally by someone who will often kraning oneself) in fierce approval of a discussion topic. Normally the words are said in quick succession, and the phrase repeated until the audience acknowledges the topic's goodness.
1: Man, I was eating at Late Night, and the chicken tenders--
2: Awh, have you tried the sushi? So good, so good!
1: Yeah, well, my chicken tenders--
2: Dude, dude. The sushi.
1: Yeah, yeah...it's good.
2: So good.
by G-House May 30, 2005
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so good is to be used when a topic of discussion is that good.

1. Michael is eating corn

2. so good
1. Michael is eating corn

2. so good
by butttootfart May 23, 2018
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He fucked me so good I couldn't find my weave 🤣
He fucked me so good I couldn't find my weave 🤣
by qaylyf November 4, 2018
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Once upon a time a young man smoked some very good gange, and as he smoked the delicious herb he shouted "It's So Good!" From that day forward the expression is yelled by stoners when they smoke very good weed, or it can be said for anything that is exceptionally wonderful. It is commonly yelled with "I Need it" and/or "Oh My God"
Jeff: Tonight's line up is a hypnotic blunt and a cotton candy blunt. Let's start off with the cotton candy. Here, you can fire it up.

by Dank Master DMS February 13, 2005
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Something that's so good it becomes bad; Something that goes beyond the boundary of the category 'good' it becomes bad; Something too good to be good. This saying is relative to too good to be true.
The graphics of that Anime is just too awesome that I can't take it.

I love Animes with good graphics but, this one's is so good that it's bad!
by BitchyOwl November 14, 2015
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A phrase used when one experiences a pleasant oflactory stimulus, intended for either a serious or comical effect.
Pet monkey: (sniffs master) Smells so good!
by Monkey.Boy July 30, 2011
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A sensation that hurts or gives you pain, but at the same time feels good.
I love putting hand sanitizer on my paper cuts 'cause it hurts so good. It stings like hell, but it feels so nice!
by SirJoshizzle November 8, 2007
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