1. A fast warship that is usually smaller than a frigate but larger than patrol craft. These ships are generally well-armed and in use mostly by smaller navies that do not need or cannot afford larger warships. Corvettes generally carry enough firepower to sink ships many times its size, and can thus provide navies with a symetrical response to a threat for asymetrical cost. They do not have the endurance of larger ships and are therefore not suited for long-term operations (with the possible exception of Israeli corvettes, which, due to their prohibition from the Suez Canal, must travel all the way around Africa to reach their operating areas in the Red Sea).

NATO standard designations are: FS (corvette), and FSG (guided misslie corvette).

1. Corvettes are the largest ships in most Middle Eastern navies, including Israel, Iran and Oman.
by thaks April 10, 2006
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a car that is fast but the owners always drive slow as fock in them and hold traffic up because they're retired and they can go on a gay little sunday cruise and go 5mph under the limit in a car that can go nearly 200mph, when other mofos gotta get their own ass to work. god damn i fucking tail them in my 50hp diesel vw.
corvette driver: "god damn I love listening to Cher"

follower: "Sunday is three days from now you motherfucker!!! go ahead and blow the dust off the gasy pedal and fucking move. you know that car has more than one mother fucking gear! if i paid for a fucking corvette and ran fucking 93 octane in that son of a bitch i wouldn't waste that fucking shit that's worth more than fucking gold driving like a fucking panzee ass gay son of a bitch!!!! i mean come on it's like buying a fucking battle ship to go fucking bass fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Key Dawg June 20, 2006
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best car ever made, no imports stand a chance against them and if you think you can take on a corvette with your rice burner than you have no idea what you are getting your self into.
Honda driver: o shit its a corvette i better get the fuck out of here
Corvette driver: yeah you better leave, pussy
by kyle July 12, 2004
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A car General Motors quit making in 1967.

The current overly plastic turd marketed by GM as a Z06 Corvette can go over 190 mph. This is the main argument when owners and prospective owners bash other all other cars. Never mind the US speed limit is 70mph and these losers would crap on themselves at over 120. Their cars are driven no faster than a POS Chevy Malibu.

The best thing about not owning a Corvette is that they are a bigger cop magnet than an INDY car. Reason being they are not likely to pull over a Porsche 911 or Ferrari cause they don't know what the hell it is, although some cops mistake Ferrari for corvette cause it has round tail lights and must be a Curvette, Duh! So basically you have a car that a Jealous, idiot cop knows and can brag to his buddies, "I wrote a black covette for 59 in a 45. Really he was on doing 35." This is the main reason Corvettes and Vipers are seen in parade mode, 15 mph under the speed limit.

Corvette was a great car till the bean counters fired the styling department and started using cheaper materials.
by Harley Earl April 11, 2008
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It is the real mans sports car, where you can feel the acceleration unlike any honda i've ever been in with that Vtec bulshit rev it up too 10 grand to get the horsepower, and help to support the japanese market succed is not on on my list. plus who said you could supe up a corvette, just like linginfelter, with a 7.0 liter twin turbo 0-60mph in 1.9sec. lets see the hondas do that!
"you roll up to a stop light in your vette next to a honda S2000, he revs it you laugh as the light turns green you punch it off the light and scream through the gears while the other guy is admiring his "body kit, shopping cart spoiler, and his vtec."
by Emrae Mooney April 30, 2004
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Too much car for any import to hadle.
Does that import driver really think he can park that corvette? He's not even worthy enough to look at it.
by Da Greek May 21, 2004
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