Chris Christie is so obese all of his clothes need to be hemmed to fit.
by jake paul sucks July 31, 2017
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a human sphere, equal in width and height (sometimes more in width than height)
michael moore is obese
by da booze man August 13, 2006
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Jane was obese. She had huge rolls of fat.
by Anonymous March 22, 2005
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Obese (adjective) pertains to a person whose BMI (body mass index) equal to 30 or higher. Obesity is described in levels such as "mildly obese" "moderately obese" and "morbidly obese."
Becoming morbidly obese significanly increases one's chances of life threatening conditions and diseases.
by MintyLeila July 18, 2005
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the people of america are SO obese that its a small world had to be shut down for renovation so they could make the boats bigger!
by whatttupppgurl November 8, 2007
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circumfencely challenged. someone who doesnt pass from the valletta gate due to huge weight.
Claudette Pace eats so much, that he is obese. Poor guy.
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An adjective describing a condition inflicted on a large majority of the population to make the average person seem thinner and more attractive
Man that girl standing next to that 400 pound obese dude is hot!
by universal_eskimo August 9, 2005
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