Someone who is really fat, for example, VC who never stops eating.
I saw a fat person the other day. His name was Onix11.
by drizaik August 7, 2003
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"you see this kid *points to a largish kid* he's not fat, that's just the gas tank for his love machine"
by Harrison Reed May 29, 2004
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A fat person if a person who is obese. A fat person may be slightly overweight. Do not confuse a fat person with a sedentary person.

Fat person (rephrased with broad word choice)
"gluttonous unsightly figure of great mass"

Most people, especially the self-conscious collective, will view fat people in an ill and disgusted manner, though this is irrational.
Fat people are important to society, while some are hard working people who just glutton or geniuses who reward themselves by indulging, the so-called "useless" ones greatly augment the food industry.
Indeed they may appear visually displeasing , but keep in mind that when a person is fat, the person will keep eating, increasing the food industry. For those especially industrial-fodder people trying to lose weight using dietary pills(which do not work), they are supplying two industries constantly for a superb economic bonus. As for gyms, they will also ascend economic status but eventually the fat person will lose their urge to eat, driven by the incessant requests of the nagging spouse.
I'm going to congratulate that crying fat person over there holding the noose for being such a great economic boost.
by VbPeppermint. September 13, 2008
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Every day for lunch they drinks and energy drink and eat a whole bag of chip typically bbq or salt and vinegar it is most always a girl who thinks she is attractive but looks like my moms old tampon
A Fat Person for some reason dresses in little kids skinny jeans but need a adult XXXXL. There name always starts with T, L, M, O and D
by Reeeheeeheee March 6, 2020
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A skinny fat person is a someone who appears visibly skinny with their clothes on. But, if you were to touch them or see them without clothing they are very flabby. This is very common in white people. Most white guys and girls have very little lean muscle tissue, which is why they are skinny fat people. Have you ever seen a thin white guy with no shirt on? Then you notice he has a soft pot belly and man boobs. This is a good example of what a skinny fat person is. With clothes on they appear thin to the eye, but if you were to see them unclothed their body is incredibly flabby and soft like jello. These body types are primarily due to genetics. Not everyone is naturally muscular nor will they become muscular and ripped. For some, it is not in their gentics to be muscular and well defined.
skinny fat person
by Rita30 January 16, 2010
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A person who doesn’t work out but maybe once a year, looks like they are in shape, but lacks great stamina, can’t even last on a treadmill for 10 minutes.
This girl rere walks around like she’s in shape but definitely has that skinny fat person look, she can’t hang with the big dawgs.
by #TheUrbanDictionaryGuy January 8, 2020
The innate ability to tell extremely funny and often self demeaning jokes that many fat people have.
Dan: Dude that guy is a whale.
Phil: Yeah but he's hilarious; he's got fat person humor.
by jg2342 February 22, 2009
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