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Jack and Kelly had a row on the last episode of the Osbournes!
by LateralReflection July 30, 2003
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A name you can call a female if she means everything to you
Man 1 - I can't believe how lucky you are.

Man 2 - I know man, she's my row.
by tom-stubbs-5066 August 16, 2010
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keyboards, piano
I. Max Roach on drums,
Wayne Shorter on alto saxophone,
and Mulgrew Miller on rows

II. Got your rows?
by cdlahhccnycny February 14, 2013
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A bahamian word used to describe a agrument or disagreement.
"Felicia and Shakinah had a row and aren't talking anymore."
by Sanny714 June 14, 2018
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Abbreviation for Rest Of World.

1) Offered as a conceptual aid to philosophically cuccooned American's who believe anything and everything comes from good ol' USA.

2) A geographic location found on any globe where Americans would rather not go to, and are rather not welcomed by.

3) A place Dubya Bush loves to piss all over.
While citizens who are blinded by patriotism, hyperegotistical from consumerism, dumb and fat from overconsumption try to figure out which one of their two parties is more American; the ROW is the one who actually has to worry about the results of this election.
by sinn98 September 14, 2004
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Row is a slang term for the racist derogatory word niggero.

The slang term was derived from the word niggeRO, as well as the connection to the common African-American hairstyle corn-ROWS.
Racist hick:
"Hey Cletus, look at that row eating watermelon"

"Lets linch that row tonight"

by XyMos May 11, 2006
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