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A conquest is a woman that becomes one of the X's in one's Black Book. A woman you been going after until you eventually get that ass. It can only be considered a CONQUEST if you come out with said pictures and/or videos of you in action (her face required).
J.B. had a fine ass conquest the other night. He left with her from the bar and next time we see him she becomes just another face in is collection of pictures of videos.
by Greatness909 August 13, 2009
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A stunning car of the 80's, aka Mitsubishi Starion.

A very rare and unique car, definately of a kind
"Woah, check out that horn looking Conquest!"
by Anon October 30, 2003
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1. n. a person who has acceded to sexual arousal and permitted intercourse;

2. n. the act of giving into intercourse after being harried into it under duress but not by brute force.
Most of Tyrone's conquests occurred by just chillin' to the wee hours of the morning with any babe he liked, who eventually grew tired and sleepy, and just chucked her clothes.
by Richard Black May 10, 2005
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either noun or verb, depending on which way is west and whether the sun shines above or below

a person who one wishes to become much closer to, often a long-term goal; one that another wishes to date, but that the one that we formerly referred to as "another" does not see as quite in reach at or for the time being; the act of going after such a person.
kevin: she's so pretty, and interesting.
lindsay: conquest her!
by l in dai sy April 05, 2009
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