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Y helo thar, manwife! How are your breasts this fine day?
by Anon September 14, 2004
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A small southeastern Ohio town, was the first settlement in the Northwest Territory. Named for french queen Marie Antoinette. Colonel Dean Hess a World War II hero was born in Marietta and Rock Hudson portrayed him in the film "Battle Hymn" which had it's world premier in Marietta. Current population is around 15,000 people.
I have been to Marietta many times, it is nice.
by Anon January 15, 2005
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A former of communities. One who helps. Often seen as compulsive but in a helpful and caring way.
Geez MAWorking must be a robot or some kind of extra-terestrial program with a post count that high.
by Anon May 21, 2003
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The sexiest person on the planet. The Greek equivalent of Don Juan.
A real-life sex-machine and an endless source of pleasure for women worldwide.
Also known as the dream lover!.
My god! MXE is more handsome than Brad Pitt!
by Anon April 22, 2005
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a relationship between people, with a large age gap.
Dude James' girlfriend is 1 year younger than his mom, talk about a may-december relationship.
by Anon April 12, 2005
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the use of a clownsuit in an innapropriate way....
"i went into the toilets in mcdonalds and got McRaped"
by Anon June 29, 2003
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