"Woah. That's huge!"

"It's 'whoa,' dumbass."
by rc8s February 6, 2022
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"Don't you mean, Whoa?"
by Zach G. January 19, 2004
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a statement made when taken by surprise and/or caught off-guard
"woah, woah, i just touched your ass!"
by itsame540 March 22, 2009
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Morpheus- "Neo, You are The One."
Keanu- "...Woah."
by Kryonus February 13, 2009
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To add drama to a situation. It could be in a really boring place like Yates with your 'friends' when something really uneventful happens or maybe when you're online and your ex starts talking to you all of a sudden.
*group of friends are sitting around a table and a waitress comes over to collect empty plates. Waitress struggles and almost drops the plates*
Waitress: WOAH.


*someone accidentily goes on facebook chat and clicks online to their 'people I don't want to talk to' group.. 2 seconds later an ex pops up typing your name in capitals*
Crazy ex: BOB!!
You: WOAH.
by frasereraser December 24, 2010
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