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goNucks is no longer unlisted.
by anon September 23, 2004
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A less formal way of saying Okay. It is given as a cheerful, bright... less intimidating response. It is also more used online rather than irl.
someone says "I'll be right back"
You reply with "okies"

Someone is doing something that doesn't bother you, you reply with "okies"...

someone is annoying you and your pissed off you say "Okay".. not "okies"
by anon March 6, 2004
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A house of gay men that is owned by 1 old rich gay man, who lets the rest of the gay men (his "bear cubs") live there for no/little rent in exchange for the experience of living around young men.
Ryan lives in a bear cub den with 5 other bear cubs. James is the Den Leader.
by anon November 11, 2009
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People who are also known as Moshers, Grungers or Soap Dodgers. Prefered taste in music is anything with an electric guitar and a person who can't sing. These people tend to dress in baggy jeans (the scruffier the better), 'Vans' shoes and hooded jumpers with their favourite band's logos displayed on them. These people deliberately make themselves look dirty and is if they really need to bath, thinking they are making some sort of statement. Most of the time these people look very sorry for themselves and are usually attention seekers; the sort you see being beaten up in the school yard.
Woah, like, Marilyn Manson is totally awesome dude! Where's my skateboard and bong?
by anon February 11, 2004
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An area of WW2 concentration camps where women and children were forced into sexual slavery.
Take them to the Joy Division.
by anon March 4, 2005
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Man who pays a great amount of attention to his appearance and dress.
Modern term for dandy or fop.
The metrosexual man uses "product" in his hair and shops at Armani Exchange.
by anon January 2, 2005
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A really uptight bean counter who always looks like he had a bad experience with black people when he has to talk to one.
Did you see the black lady singing gospel to Howard Dean? I thought he was going to get up and run.
by anon March 1, 2005
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