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From the term idiot meaning your stupid. A fool. Someone who acts carelessly.
"your such an eegit"
"What a fukin eegit"
by anon November 1, 2004
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Prominent in early days of South Park internet community as widely acknowledged "Queen of South Park Fanfiction" in the early days of Mr. Hat's Hellhole and Beef-cake.com forums. Managed 'Rights For Kenny' and a successful South Park Fanfic collective as key personal contributions to the community.

Drifted away from South Park community sometime ago and has since seemed more focused on Japanimation endeavors.
SnowCalico is a catgirl. MEOW!
by anon April 7, 2003
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A show that is watched by 4 year old kids and stoned teenagers.
"I smoked a 3-rizla spliff the other day, and watched sesame street for 8 hours"
by anon April 25, 2005
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Asian people who want to act hardcore. They might actually be hardcore, but a lot of posers use it too.
AZN Mafia, mothafucka! u don't mess with this shit!
by anon October 22, 2003
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The condition that happens to the living space of any bachelor. Characterized by piled papers on the table, dirty dishes on the sink and laundry everywhere except for where it should be.
I have to go home and deal with the bachelor blight in my apartment before friends show up.
by anon October 13, 2007
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