literally means homosexual, as in you make your wrist limp when you talk and you say "OMG NO WAY" alot.
Jason's always a drama queen, I swear he's limp wristed.
by lilcm August 13, 2006
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Slang term used towards gay men in reference to how they hold their wrists when they speak
“Have you seen the new IT movie? R*chie T*zier totally got da limp wrist
by chcrri October 21, 2019
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A wrist action to refer to gays.

The limp wrist meme was launched online when an interview of Cate Blanchett for Cinderella in 2015 resurfaced on Twitter. She used the limp wrist to clarify “gays” and not the “gaze” in a miscommunication.
Reporter to Cate Blanchett: you have such a gaze—
CB: I’ve got a whole lot of gays?
R: you have a signature Disney villain gaze. How do you do it? Can you teach me—
CB: Oh I’m sorry, I thought Disney villain GAYS. As in the gay Disney villains...
R: *laughs*
CB: Sorry this is an accent disfunction. You mean the gaze *stares*, not the gays *limp wrist*.

watch the video on Youtube/Twitter!
by kathyblanket June 12, 2020
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Gay grindcore band from New York City. short super fast songs, mostly about being gay.
I saw limp wrist play the other day, and they played good.
by alex March 31, 2005
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Was it just me or did that guy have kind of a limp wrist?
by tkearns February 12, 2003
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(1)a male with femine qualites and a sexual desire to be with other men; gay; homosexual; fag; fruit cake; fudgepacker
(2)refers to when a gay male's wrist falls limp and forms a 90 degree angle with a verticle forearm, often times an involuntary movement occuring while in conversation.
The limp wrist liked it up the butt.
by FuriousGourd November 12, 2003
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A panzy, a bitch, a ginger (not necessarily with red hair). This can be a man or a women and it has no specific race, religion or creed. Its a simple word to describe someone weak or pussy. A whimp.
Dave- "Dude, this shit is hella heavy."
Bob- "Stop being such a limp wristed bitch!"
by ManWithAPlan June 18, 2009
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