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The word pikie has nothing to do with townies, or anyone who owns a house for that matter. A pikie is infact a kind of gypsie, one whos father is also his brother. They tend to be very violent and think everything in the world has a "five pewnd" value.
Son its a pikie, run for your life if you value your testicles!
by anon March 24, 2005
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Nah nah people, you've got it all wrong(or maybe I have, but last time I heard this is what 'poke' or 'poking' is known as in Oceania). Poking is not having sex. It's when someone inserts their finger into a girl's pussy with a repeated thrusting motion. The girl's version of third base.
"Hey, has your bf poked you yet?"
by anon September 30, 2004
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To poop.
"You mind if my doggy make on your lawn?"

"Sometimes I make in my pants"
by anon March 01, 2004
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Short for Crossing. Usually only seen in type and not heard.
Watch out, that's a duck xing
by anon February 14, 2005
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A young, worthless resident of Troy, New York, who is destined to grow up to be a ward of the state, just like their mother and several possible fathers. Typically a "student" at Troy High who spends more time stealing hubcaps on the RPI campus and failing to land skateboard tricks at the Union than he does either in class or at home. Often tries to communicate with passing innocents, without much success.
"Dammit, the troylets keyed my car again. Don't they have lives?!"

Troylet: "Hey dude, you go here, right, you got any squares?"
Normal person: (keeps walking)
by anon October 04, 2004
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a funny slang word for sex
"Amy and Miguel did chaka chaka all night long."

"Did you guys chaka chaka yet?"

"I am doing chaka chaka with your boyfriend right now, please call me back in 4 hours."
by anon April 25, 2004
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someone who has characteristics of an old man.
1. falling asleep anywhere including using a calculator
2. wandering off with no purpose or destination
3. mumbling to himself because 'its a bonus if anyone is listening'
gramps fell asleep in the middle of a sentance again.
by anon January 12, 2004
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