543 definition by Anon

one of the greatest rock bands in theo world
i cant believe no one said that over the hills and far way was the best led zeppelin song
by anon January 29, 2004

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All girls called mercedes are BRATS,
Mercedes the girl at my school
by anon April 20, 2005

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an american white girl who thinks she's better than every black guy in town and then gets busted real hard and ends up with her ankles in the air.
She tried to pull that coonass shit on me like I'M stupid.
by anon March 03, 2005

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A frigid fuck that wouldnt get it on with anything! Has a group of guys that follow her (sheep) flock around her, and fancy her.
Look theres Lorna and her flock, dude thats gonna end in bukkake!
by Anon February 09, 2005

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