An unfeminine woman with an abrasive personality, commonly found in Western cities like Toronto and Washington, D.C.

Eastern women understand that femininity is a desirable quality for women to possess and aspire to be sweet and demure, but for some reason, Western women will actually brag about how "strong" they are. Woe to my friends who have lost their way.

Of course, she prefers manly men for herself but will trash-talk any man who expresses a preference for a more feminine woman.
I had lunch with the boss, she's pushing 40 with no children and appears to be on a cocktail of psych meds. She's a strong woman.
by michael_douglas March 10, 2013
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All women are strong women because every women has something uniqe about her that is here greatest power and at that moment that she shows

what her true flaws and powers with no shame and becoming brave she

becomes a strong woman!❤
What a strong woman! She just admited that she is bad at being relaxed but also know that she is good at being caring she wasnt afraid and encourge and inspirie so many others by this small action
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A hostile, violent, and shallow female character based around what a cynical male writer thinks is "female empowerment". Such characters usually dress in some kind of fetish outfit and beat up a succession of men that leer, make snide remarks, or attempt rape. Despite being "independent", their arcs inevitably include constant angst over how they're not like other women and men just don't understand them.
The film of Barb Wire involves a woman that dresses like a prostitute and drops a man to a death by gigantic explosion for calling her "babe". Strong independent woman!
by Alexander Peregrine August 22, 2012
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When you fuck a bitch and she have a baby. She become the real bitch and fuck the man with child support, but denies needing the man.
Kim: why did you dump Robert after the birth
Taylor: because I'm a strong independent woman, and I don't need his help.
by Dvidedbyzero December 9, 2015
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Obsessed with being better than men to compensate for that fact that they get to use you like the sentient fuck toy you are.
I'm a strong independent woman!

If I don't get to fuck you then you're nothing. You haven't contributed anything to anyone other than a warm place for some useless sack of shit to nut.
by Hym Iam November 22, 2020
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Strong independent women are less emotionally dependent, they can find happiness on their own. It could be written as siw.
For example, a girl talk to an engaged couple, and they never answer her. Then, if the girl feel upset, the girl is not a strong independent woman!
by xuchaichai December 27, 2022
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