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When all of a users internet porn browsing comes to a standstill.
When you click a link on a TGP (thumbnail gallery post) and instead of opening the gallery of the clicked thumbnail you get a new TGP instead. Once or twice doesn't constitute a pornjam. After half a dozen attempts and you're not getting anywhere you're pornjammed.
by MrHate November 11, 2010
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When you and one or more people get together, get high on your drug of choice (weed is most suitable, you dont want things getting out of hand), and watch copious amounts of pornographic videos on computers (one computer per person).

Usually a porn jam will take place late at night so the participants may use volume when watching the pornographic videos without worrying that people will hear them.

Some great discussions on woman preference, porn preference, etc. will result of a porn jam thus increasing your friendship with your fellow participants.

Note: It has to be you and at least one other person, and there has to be at least one computer per person in order for it to be considered an official porn jam.
C-ball: Yo N-dizzle wanna get high and watch porn?
N-dizzle: Hell yeah dude lets have a porn jam!
C-ball: Yeah man just dont forget to bring your laptop we cant both just watch it on my computer.
N-dizzle: I know the rules foo I wont forget the laptop.
C-ball: Aight man porn jam tonight, at my place.
by C-Baaaaaawl!! May 30, 2009
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