no. just no. no you no. just
no. just no.
please no
you are gonna end the world
dont do it
you are gonna end the world
just no.
don't do it

stupid man: when you when: the when tyou whenning was a good movie! you should watch it
not a stupid man: it's not a movie. it's an urban dictionary definition you idiot. that's why you are called "stupid man" on the example of how "when you when: the when you whenning" is used in a sentence. you really fit that description.
stupid man: i am not stupid man
also stupid man: i am behind you
not a stupid man: you are still stupid man
stupid man: no!!!!!! my dad is david baszucki and will steal all your robux!!! and my mother can hack and steal all your moneys!!
not a stupid man: shut up. it's getting long
stupid man: ok
by BenSav January 11, 2022
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The act of knowing an idea, concept or abstract thought with utmost, absolute confidence. It is usually followed by a repetitive forward finger wag while raising your eyebrows in a lateral motion.
Little Arturo! Are you going to drink tonight? Alejandro.... When you when you!
by Carlos3leches March 11, 2017
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omg amogus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!1!
whEN YOU when YoUU WHenNN YOuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
joe mommm!!!!!!
when you
by BenSav March 17, 2021
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A phrase osu! players use whenever 727 is seen, anywhere it is seen, mostly excluding punctuations. A reference to Cookiezi's (former #1 osu! player) choke on Blue Zenith +HR (and later +HDHR) worth 727pp (performance points)

Often abbreviated to WYSI.

Variations include: When you fucking see it (WYFSI), When you don't see it (WYDSI, whenever it is 1 digit off from 727 such as 717 and 737), etc.
Example 1:
osu! Player: no I choked my first 7* fc... wait MY ACC IS 97.27% WHEN YOU SEE IT
Example 2:
osu! Player: *looks outside and sees a truck with the number 727*
Example 3:
osu! Player 1: lol check the time
osu! Player 2: OMG WYSI WYSI IT'S 7:27 PM
by Lance0 August 25, 2021
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A phrase that often accompanies an image with a subtle idiosyncrasy that may take the viewer a few seconds to notice. Most of the time, it is a black person hidden in a dark area.
by bgjygumjh October 16, 2009
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it is the 727pp choke play made by shigetora/chocomint/cookiezi/nathan on osu with hard rock
a friend: go right over 727 meters
me: haha when you see it *drives away from the place u need to go right*
by F1nnley February 20, 2022
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